05 Magical Ways For Home Decorating Ideas

05 Magical Ways For Home Decorating Ideas

(Home Decorating Ideas) Having a home you love is really important because it will keep you comfortable and happy. Revamping living room spaces can be frustrating due to the limited design options you have. Your room should look spacious and attractive to your family and guests. You can magically transform your spaces, regardless of the size of your room, by following some extraordinary home decorating ideas.

1. Add Crown Molding

If you want to save money, you can make a fake version like in the image above using some thin molding and paint. Paint the molding before installing, then hang it either a few inches below the existing crown molding to keep it up or just install thin molding a few inches both on the ceiling and below it. Paint the remaining space between the two moldings the same color as the molding to trick the eye into thinking it’s all one piece.

2. Mix And Match Pieces In The Room

Instead of buying an entire furniture set, a mix and match piece would be great. In fact, the trend right now is not to match at all. This method draws its energy from the opposite. Just be sure to find enough similarities to make a space prison. Note that the above furniture is not a complete matching set, yet the general style is contemporary, vintage, rustic, and minimal. Mixing and matching give the room more depth and character. And, the image below doesn’t even match, yet it’s cohesive.

So, it’s fine to pick up a piece from Craigslist and another from a big box store. This allows you to mix inexpensive pieces with high-end items. These home decorating tips on a budget will help you save a lot.

3. Group Art Together To Make One Large Piece

Large pieces of art can be expensive, so why not use what you have on hand and group smaller frames together to make one larger piece? Group it together like frames, colors, or styles to create a cohesive look or mix it up for a bohemian feel. Use your photography, art from books, maps, and even fabric or wallpaper to fill the frame.

4. Use Fabric To Add Style

Nothing softens a space with hard surfaces like fabric. Adding fun and contemporary patterns to clothes can also add style. One way to access fabric is through curtains. Curtains are the number one way to brighten up space. Be sure to hang them high and wide. This makes the windows look bigger. A general rule of thumb is to hang them to within 6 inches of the ceiling and 18 inches from the sides of the windows. Another way to use fabric in a room is to add throw pillows to the sofa. If possible invest in large throw pillows manufactured in quality fabrics.

5. Use Vintage Items

Let Craigslist, antique malls, thrift stores, and your grandma’s attic be your best friends. Through these places, you can find unique pieces at great prices. Vintage pieces add such character when sprinkled throughout the room. They provide a sense of history and a feeling that the place has gathered and evolved over time. For example, you can find some amazing vintage lamps similar to these lamps from Pagazzi to brighten up your living space and show that it has an air of history.

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