06 Summer Style Tips to Help You Conquer the Heat

06 Summer Style Tips to Help You Conquer the Heat

Menswear eminence comes easy in winter, but when temperatures rise to critical levels, looking sharp becomes more of a challenge. Luckily, with a little creativity, looking good and staying cool doesn’t have to be at odds. Here are 06 easy summer style tips to help you conquer the heat.

1. Summer Style Unstructured Blazer

Semi-formal attire can be a man’s worst enemy and a lightweight blazer his boon companion. Choose an unstructured version made from cotton or linen to keep it nice and breathable, and layer it over anything from a tee to a short-sleeved oxford.

2. Step Up Your T-Shirt Game

While you may have made the switch from graphic to solid, the great t-shirt upgrade doesn’t stop there. A suped-up tee is the easiest way to look good without adding layers: Color blocking, henleys, and subtle texture are all fine options.

3. Fake the Sockless Look with Loafer Liners

We’ve always been big proponents of sprinkling powder in sockless shoes, but there’s a less messy way to keep your feet cool and dry. A good pair of no-show liner socks will wick away sweat and prevent painful chafing without advertising their presence.

4. Swap Out Your Musk for a Summer Fragrance

There’s a good chance your go-to cologne features amber, musk, or sandalwood: Great for a smokey cigar lounge, but less so for balmy weather. Try subbing in a citrusy scent for a brisk, refreshing kick, or an earthy, woodsy aroma to channel the far-flung wilderness.

5. Stay Cool at Summer Weddings with a Linen Suit

No matter how high the temperatures rise, certain summer occasions will always require a suit. To dress up without shedding your body weight in sweat, try a two-button linen number: They fit great, breathe well, and can pull double-duty as pants or a blazer.

6. Know How to Pick Out a Polo

A polo shirt can be a wardrobe essential or a badge of basic bro-dom depending on how it fits. Learn the key components of a well-fitted polo shirt, and keep them top of mind the next time you’re in a fitting room.

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