3 Best Winter Foods To Stay Warm This Season

3 Best Winter Foods To Stay Warm This Season

3 Best Winter Foods on our list is both healthy and yummy. In Winter, we need rich foods which can provide both warmth and nourishment, this results in the consumption of foods warm in effect. Do you know that Vegetable’s that takes a long time to mature and have an edible part that grows under the ground’s surface tends to be warming winter vegetables to eat. Apart from these dates, nuts, and sesame seeds are warming foods too. With winter comes some common problems such as cough and cold. Your immune system needs to be at its peak, it is also the best time of the year to improve immunity as the body’s immune system perform better during winter and the body absorbs nutrients efficiently, therefore you must also include Immunity boosting foods, which usually are those that are fresh, easy to digest and pure. Don’t forget to include spices as they have antimicrobial properties which help us fight cold and common illnesses. Spices also boost digestive enzymes which ensures complete absorption.

1. Vegetable Soup

It’s one of the best Best Winter Foods to stay warm in winter. If you want to get the best of soup minimize the intake of too much salt and cream. Always try to go with lots of vegetables. Enjoy your soup with whole wheat crackers or breadsticks.

2. Broccoli and Cauliflower

Broccoli and Cauliflower help protect us against the harsh winter season and sickness which comes along. These are rich in Vitamin C, which aids the immune system. An amazing thing to know is that both Frozen and Fresh, broccoli and cauliflower have almost equal nutritional power, which is exceptionally rare to find.

3. Increased intake of Cheese, fish, and egg.

Cheese, fish, and eggs or salmon contain a high amount of Vitamin B12, which assists the immune system to work at an optimum level. These foods can also alleviate weakness and exhaustion. These foods will boost your immune system and will provide enough energy to enjoy the winter season rather than being gloomy.

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