4 Important Things to Do Before Appearing For an Interview

4 Important Things to Do Before Appearing For an Interview

“An interview that lasts for just five minutes is capable enough to change your life forever.”

“It is very important to be prepared because these five minutes could open newer opportunities for you.”

We often hear such sentences from our family members, friends, and relatives while we are preparing for an interview. It is these kinds of sentences that increase the anxiety and bring our confidence levels down. Let us jump straight to the point. You do not need to pay attention to such things. The day of the interview brings a lot of pressure and you should know how to appear calm and confident.

Here are four important things that you should definitely do before appearing for an interview:

Pay Attention to the News

The first step starts in the morning. You must watch the news or read a newspaper. This will keep you updated about the current affairs and events. You should especially stay updated about your field of work or the things in which the company deals in.

For example:

If you have applied for a job at a digital marketing firm, you should have some knowledge related to the digital marketing industry.

There are little to no chances that the interviewer might ask you a question related to the news but staying knowledgeable boosts your confidence. In addition, you may use this knowledge as an example to support your answer. This will give you an edge against other candidates.

Your Appearance Speaks Volumes

Confidence does not show only when you speak. It reflects through your personality; the way you walk, the way you stand, the way you sit, etc. To show confidence through all these activities, you will work on your appearance. If you are wearing the best-suited attire for an interview, you will be able to acquire an attitude that shows confidence.

Your hairstyle, make up (for females) or style of the beard (for males) also has an impact on your overall personality. These things not only affect the sub-conscious of the interviewers but also attack your sub-conscious into adopting a particular attitude. Depending on your overall looks, you either adopt confidence or self-doubt.

The case of self-doubt appears only when your looks are not suited for the interview and the people around you. To look at your best for an interview, adhere to the following points:

For male candidates, we suggest the following dress code:

  • Wear formal clothes and shoes.
  • Also, keep your beard trimmed and hair short.

Female candidates should follow the following dress code:

  • Wear formal clothes (in case of traditional attires, wear a cotton suit or saree).
  • Wear light make-up and minimum accessories.

Revise Your Answers

It is a general practice that people prepare beforehand for their interviews. People start practicing for their interviews, at least, a week before the interview. If you are not doing that yet, you should start doing it. You should practice general things like how to answer different questions, etc. You can pick general questions that the interviewers ask and try to answer them. Repeat this once every day. This will not only boost your confidence but you will also find that your answers are getting better.

When you reach the office, the third step should start. Try and reach there early and once you reach there, start revising all the answers that you have practiced so far. However, this step might increase your anxiety slightly. If that happens, think about a happy memory or start singing a song in your mind (not aloud). This releases endorphins which will bring down your anxiety and will make you a little more confident.

Smile Broadly

One of the most important things that you need to qualify for the job is smile. It is the simplest thing to do and yet most of us fail to do that. Why? The reason is simple. We become nervous and we start worrying about everything. No one can smile while thinking about all the negative things.

What you can do is start thinking about a happy memory and smile broadly. Even the interviewers feel good when they see a smiling face. It fills you and the interviewers with positive energy. This will increase your chances of being hired.

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