5 Best Career options in the Finance industry

5 Best Career options in the Finance industry

Finance industry is a vast scale that covers futures in trading, money, accounting, investment management, credit and risk management, stocks, other options. Finance professionals develop analytical skills to read a financial statement. Evaluate both the qualitative and quantitative aspects of companies and other entities in terms of finance. Finance is the backbone of every business or corporate. Hence, an academic background in finance and accounting has application in a broad range of careers in every industry. Here are the 5 best career options in the finance industry.

1. Financial analyst

The financial analyst supervision the financial accounting and regularity functions for the firm. It is also within their scope to prepare a balance sheet and a profit-loss statement. Besides enhancing the efficiency of financial capital resources, creating analytics based on financial numbers for strategic decision making and also sought a regulatory aim in this role.

2. Investor relations manager

A person with finance knowledge combined with good organizational and communications skills best fit this role. Investor relation desk highlights and presents information from financial statements. All publicly listed companies will have such a job profile.

3. Equity research analyst

An equity research analyst studies balance sheet and profit-and-loss statement for annual and quarterly updates. He typically uses technical analysis to review the stocks, bonds and other financial instruments and reports which securities or stocks expect to be profitable and which are not.

At broking house level, they generate investment ideas for their broking clients and at fund house level for fund managers to help clients take optimal decisions about their investments.

4. Technical analyst

A technical analyst studies the traded price and volume of the stock listed on exchanges and predicts the future price movement. The prediction can be over during various time frames like intraday, one week, one month, one quarter, one year or even higher time frame. A technical analyst is also an expert in charting by using technical analysis software.

5. Corporate finance analyst

The role of a corporate finance demands the allocation of financial resources of a company, arrangements of funds for various projects and business activity with the lowest possible cost of fun. It can be for business expansion and managing cash efficiently. We expect him to deal with the bank and other lending financial institutions. Corporate finance personnel can be at a strategic or managerial role.

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