5 Best Ideal Color Combinations for Men

5 Best Ideal Color Combinations for Men

You’ve probably been told at some point that the key to the color wheel is picking shades opposite each other. Scratch that. We spoke to five experts on the best color combinations that just, well, work. And thankfully, not a single one will have you looking like an elf. Here are the 5 Best Ideal Color Combinations for Men.

1. Black + Camel

The lighter tone is far easier to wear than dark brown and sits comfortably with monochrome shades.

While black provides a solid base, camel pieces can lift a look to memorability without taking a risk, explains stylist Jenna Riddle, who has worked with the likes of Nike, John Lewis, and Next. Plus, camel pieces are often either woolen or textured, which can add further depth to your outfit.

2. Navy + Burgundy

Since nobody wants to look like a fresh bruise, blue and purple together are usually off-limits. Yet, for a risk-free alternative, swap the bright primary school shades for a deeper navy and burgundy combination. The richness of burgundy and an inky navy complement each other well. The blue grounds the outfit, while burgundy lends itself to smarter looks.

3. Pink + Grey

Pink has been on the menswear radar for several seasons now. And while tricky, it’s not impossible to wear and can be a stylish way to add interest without overloading on color. Combined with neutral tones such as grey is where pink often does its best work.

Grey and pink color combinations for men work well because they’re both soft tones, a stylist at men’s personal shopping service Thread. Grey is a staple masculine color, while pink adds lightness. A year or so ago, pink was reserved for preppy looks, but it’s become something of an enduring trend.

Just as the two tones contrast, so too should your look, according to Rich: Grey tailored trousers and a pink sweatshirt is a winning combination, but if you’re feeling daring, opt for a dusty pink wide-leg trouser with a simple grey T-shirt.

4. Black + White

It doesn’t matter if you’re black or white and if you can wear both, even better. All-over monochrome may sound like a cop-out, but it’s a time-tested palette that will never lose its credibility.

Thread’s Rich explains the reason it’s so successful is that each shade is a traditional color that’s easy-to-wear alone, but also provides a stark contrast to the other: Neither will go out of style, and classic combinations can often give the appearance of quality as a result.

5. Brown + Green

A pair of dark green suit trousers are a failsafe way to wear a color that’ll flatter most shapes, editor at menswear retailer The Idle Man. The earthy foundation allows for a neutral pair of shoes to anchor the look, with brown brogues or Derbies complementing forest tones perfectly.

Equally, as it’s the color of the year, there will be no shortage of green suits up for grabs this season. All of which can be finished off with a brown knitted tie.

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