5 Best Must-Read Books For Children

5 Best Must-Read Books For Children

5 Best Must-Read Books for Children you must-have for little ones. “Books are the best companions,” people say but for children, this might be their different story world altogether, do you want your little ones to develop the habit of reading or simply let them enjoy the different world. Books are amazing for children, it lets children broaden their imagination skill, we have compiled a few of the best books that should be read before your little one grows up.

Let’s see the 5 best must-read books for children-

“Charlotte’s Web” written by E.B. White

E.B White’s wonderful timeless story is all about friendship, keeping the bond, and survival against all the odds. The story is about Wilbur, a piglet that is runt, but it doesn’t stop Fern, his human friend deeply caring for him. With different animals on the farm including Charlotte, Wilbur’s spidery friend, who along with other farmyard friends help Wilbur become a winning pig to avoid a disastrous end.

“The Jungle Book” written by Rudyard Kipling

If you want your child to read a classic relationship between a man and beast then this is a must-read book for children, and it has remained a favorite among everyone. The story is about a boy named ‘Mowgli” who was saved from the evil tiger Shera khan, he is brought up by wolves and soon makes the jungle his home. His jungle friend Baloo, a bear, and Bagheera, a panther train him for the tough jungle life. But soon his good days come to a near end, Excited? then, You must read this one to explore the fantastic story.

“A Short History of Nearly Everything” written by Bill Bryson

If your child sometimes wonders how life began? How the sun was formed? Why the moon is always with us? What happened to the dinosaurs? How many stars are there? Then this book will amaze their curiosity. It will take your children on a journey through space and time as the author uncovers the secrets. Let your children dive deep into the questions they always ask and find out the answers.

“Nation” written by Terry Pratchett

If you want your children to pick up a book from the Terry Pratchett collection then this would be the perfect one. The story revolves around Mau, an indigenous boy, and Daphne, an English governor’s daughter who forms a lifelong friendship. A Horrific tsunami shakes, Mau’s village, which makes them go to an island to form a new home. But soon both good and bad people start to occupy the Island, Read this wonderful book to know if Mau and Daphne can defend their new home.

“The Danger Gang” written by Tom Fletcher and Shane Devries

Huge storm with green lightning and earthquake with thunders, after which Franky and his friends develop super amazing powers.Looks excited? Yes, so are we. This is about Franky who moves into a new town along with his parents, leaving behind his best friend Dani. Now, he will have to let his friendship continue only through letters. Soon he feels some weird things going around. Then after lighting, he gets magical powers, he uses his power to come over the danger upon him and his friends. Read this superb story, we recommend this book for your children but wait it’s a great one for you too.

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