5 Best Tips for Selling a Used TV

5 Best Tips for Selling a Used TV

Are you going to buy a new TV? If you have no use for the old one, then selling it is your best option. You can sell the old one and that will make it easier to buy a new TV. Selling TV on the online marketplace is the right option. You can list your TV on GETEZO, Facebook Marketplace, and many other marketplace websites.

When you sell TVs, make sure you ask for a fair price and list all the details. With competitive prices, your TV will sell out fast!

There are a few things to keep in mind for Selling a Used TV, before listing a product online. You have to follow some guidelines, make sure your payment is secure and you are listing it on a trusted website. Make sure to give a fair price, so that you don’t suffer any loss. And, at the same time, you are not charging high prices.

Here, are the 5 Best Tips for Selling a Used TV

If you’re new to eCommerce, want to sell your used TV, and never listed your products on a marketplace. It can be a little complicated but not that much. We’ll help you understand marketplaces in a nutshell, and offer tips for what you’ll need to get started and succeed.

Figure out where to sell it-

Find out the right marketplace website for listing your product online. The website should be safe, so you can receive the payment safely. Also, a website should be easy to use, New Customers or sellers can easily use the website.

You have local options too. But, here is a website I recommend to you is GETEZO. The website is easy to use, and you can easily list the products. Here, are some more marketplace websites, Facebook Marketplace, Quikr, OVX, etc.

GETEZO is Craigslist and is also free. It takes some of the anonymity out of the situation, as you can see the person’s FB profile. Profiles are easy to spoof or fake, but it’s something.

No matter what, brace yourself for no-shows and haggling.

Create a detailed listing-

While listing the product, do not forget to give a detailed description for the customers. Your product will look very clear with the detailed information. Details you should mention-

  • Brand Name of the TV
  • Model of the TV
  • Size of TV
  • Price
  • Delivery Charges
  • How they can contact you (Contact No.)

Set a Price-

If your TV is ready to sell with brand name and with the model, legally. Now, it’s time to price it. All TVs have a specific model number so stores and manufacturers know what features each one has. Look on the backside of the TV near where the cables plugin. The model number will be either on a sticker or printed directly on the TV. Write down the model number so you don’t forget it.

Set the price of the TV according to the market rate of the used TV. Some of the factors also affect the price of TV-like,

  1. How old it is (a 3-year-old TV may fetch twice as much as a 7-year-old TV)
  2. Brand & Model
  3. Condition of the TV
  4. Seller Perks (delivery charges)

Take Good Photos-

I will write more about the importance of photographing your TV later, but for now, let’s talk about lighting. You could be a pro photographer, but if you shoot in poor lighting, you’ll get equally bad photos.

Besides light dimness, you have to be careful about the type of lighting you use. Fluorescents and other artificial lights can alter the color of the TV, making it look yellower or some other color it’s not. That’s at best. At worst, your images will look washed out.

Answer Promptly to Inquiries and Messages

You got your first message about it. Cool! However, it happened when you were at work, so you have to wait until later to get back to the person. Then you go home and get to cooking, cleaning, going to the gym, or just unwinding. Before you know it, the day has passed and you forgot to respond to the message.

By then, the person could have lost interest. That means you missed out on a potential sale. While you don’t have to be glued to your phone, you do want to respond to inquiries and messages promptly. Try to get back to people within an hour or two.

By using following all these Tips you can Sell your used TV easily. 

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