5 Clever Ways On How To Make A Spacious Home

5 Clever Ways On How To Make A Spacious Home

Everyone loves a big home. In jam-packed Indian cities, open spaces in homes belong to the sepia-toned past and come with a hefty price attached these days. Worry not! You too can easily shape your secret dream. You must be eagerly looking forward to making the most of the space and bringing out the best your Home can offer. After all, home is where the heart is! Follow these 5 clever hacks to make your home, a spacious home.

How To Make A Spacious Home

Singular Style

It’s important that your home be an expression of your personality and unique taste. If you’re looking to maximize the space, the rule of thumb is to ensure there’s a unified palette. The less variety of materials and colors used, the more spacious your home will look like it has been done in this space.

If you opt for the same flooring leading away from the lounge into the private areas of your residence, there is a visual connection. A break in the texture of the flooring segments spaces.

Maximize Space

You can burrow into the walls behind the doors and along the small passages in your home to create cabinets. Painted the same color as your walls, they merge unobtrusively.

Avoid creating storage spaces at eye level and above. This means go easy with cabinets atop almirahs and hefty box beds.

Bring in the Sunlight

Nothing surpasses the effect of natural light spilling into your apartment. Opt for large glass windows as sunshine infuses a sense of warmth and verve and lifts the mood of the decor. Experts say A lick of photosensitive paint on the walls can also let you play up the sunshine and create different moods throughout the day.

Choose a Color Palette

Opt for soothing monochromatic colors. Engage a palette of lighter hues, such as baby pink, powder blue, fleeting sunshine, pistachio greens, or all-time favorite whites. The visual continuity of these pale colors on walls makes for easy eye movement and is a great way to create the illusion of space.


Creating an optical illusion by using mirrors is one of the best tricks in the book to bring in a sense of an expansive space. All you need to do is to create a feature wall by simply pegging a mirror that complements the room’s decor.

Experts say To expand the areas visually, bring in a collage of mirrors on an entrance wall. Or, living room for a touch of glamour. You could even mix up the mirrors in style, size, frame, and fill an entry wall. This is done to illuminate the dark passage. Play up clever reflections to your advantage.

Hire High Profile Interior Designers

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