5 things to consider before buying a home

5 things to consider before buying a home

There are various factors like pricing, location, amenities, that influence an individual when making the final decision for buying a home.

1. Pricing

The price of a house plays a key role in the final buying decision. Being a capital-intensive buy, pricing of the home directly affects an individual’s investments in the long term. Making them more vigilant and careful. Buyers look for the maximum value for money and try to cover as many amenities and services when making the final decision for buying a home. It is important to check for costs that are beyond the overarching cost.

2. Amenities and Comfort

Many consumers look for homes in localities and cities where they see professional growth, lifestyle maintenance, and ease of reach. The trend of residential colonies is fast taking precedence with their myriad integrated amenities like swimming pools, recreational areas, designated sports facilities, clubhouses, groceries, general stores, hospitals, and other convenience factors.

3. Market Forecast

Since buying a property is most often a future planning investment, it is essential that consumers well versed in the market, economy, and local forecast. Property, if invested right, will prove to be a beneficial spend, providing appreciation through the years.

4. Quality and Credibility of Developer/Seller

When investing, it is paramount you do thorough research on the seller or developer you are going to buy the property from. With the recent RERA guidelines and regulations, buying properties with cleared paperwork and permissions has become more reliable. However, it is also important to do a reference and review check before investing. Buyers should consider projects by reputed sources with an established financial status and a reputed track record.

5. Additional Perks

Post vetting, look for additional perks and incentives when buying. One of the most obvious is the discounts and savings offered by developers and realtors during the festive season. Some even offer perks and incentives like free parking, waved-off registration fees, and more. Only after a comparative study of these additional ones, book a property.

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