5 Things To Consider While Moving With Your Pet

5 Things To Consider While Moving With Your Pet

Moving to a new house, in a new city, a new neighborhood can be daunting for most families. This task can even be more strenuous if you own a pet. There are lots of responsibilities involved. Pet owners have the responsibility of not only taking care of shifting their household items and belongings but also ensuring the safety of their pets. Hence, it is important to consider all the factors while moving with your pet.

And so, if you are a pet owner, and you are planning to move, here are some things which you need to keep in mind while thinking of moving with your pet.

Factors To Consider While Moving With Your Pet

New home

While choosing a new home, make sure to take your pet along with you. This act will make them comfortable around the area. They could familiarize themselves along with the neighborhood & the area.

Pet Crate

If you are moving with a little dog or a cat, prepare a pet crate. Introduce the crate to your pet a few days before moving. So that they become familiar with it. Leave a dog snack or a toy in the crate to encourage your pet to explore it. Ensure that the crate is adequately ventilated so that I wouldn’t produce discomfort to your pet. If you have a cat, keep a small litter tray in your crate when shifting.


If you are moving to a new locality, a new city, or a new neighborhood, inform your vet about it and ask what are the medication you should carry for your pet. Make sure you keep a week’s supply of medicines while moving. It may in fact take time for you to settle down in a new locality and also find a new vet for your pet.

Move by carrying your Pet in your own Vehicle

If you plan on moving in your own vehicle, carry your pet with you in your vehicle. This way you can ensure its safety while traveling. Also, it’s likely to be more comfortable with the owner. Do this to ensure a stress-free journey. Plan your breaks in advance and carry a harness to secure your pets during the same.

Give them some time

When you’ve moved to your new home, give some time to your pets to adjust to the surroundings. For some, it might take a little longer. Have patience. Invest some time in your pet. Spoil them during this time, play with them during this time, make them climb the bed with you. make them happy. Play inside & keep them indoors for a few days to help them get adjusted, before letting them go outside.

How Can We Help?

Your pet will adjust to new surroundings, provided, you are calm and patient during moving. You can keep in mind what we’ve discussed while moving with your pet. Plan your movement in advance so that there is no hurry in the end. The best way to ensure a comfortable shifting for your pets is to contact Packers & Movers. Let’s see how?

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