5 Things to Do Before Playing a Chess Tournament

5 Things to Do Before Playing a Chess Tournament

When a big chess event is coming, we need to gear up and prepare to give our best performance. We have elaborated a shortlist of the things you can do in order to arrive in the sharp mode to your competition.

The following aspects are in priority, according to us that is.

1. Top of the list has to be tactics

It seems like we are stating the obvious here, but if you haven’t been in a tournament for a while the best thing to do in order to warm up is to solve tactics. Exercises stimulate the mind, they make you sharp and unleash your dynamic thinking. By doing this you also get the necessary confidence boost to play your best chess.

2. Openings

Openings are important these days, too important. Don’t break your head looking for novelties or invest too many hours looking for an advantage in a certain line, maximize time instead. Choose the lines you’re going to play, memorize them and if they show up on the board play them confidently. This will save you energy and time on the clock which is vital to play well in the middlegame afterward.

3. How fit are you?

Are you physically prepared to not lose your composure over the board? Games can take up to 6 hours or more. The mind needs a fit body in order to work well. If you are unable to resist hours of tension sitting on a chair for 9 days you’re likely to succumb to blunders.

4. Fundamental Endgames

Refresh the basic concepts of rook endgames. Very likely you will have a few games in which this knowledge will be of vital use in order to survive or even bring home the full point.

5. Inspiration!

Do not be stressed about your event. Find your source of inspiration. It could be another player or it could be games of your favorite player. It could even be your own games from past events where you have performed well. It’s important to be positive and drop any negative feelings and nerves that you may have, as they certainly don’t help.

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