5 Things to Do Before Starting Music Lessons

5 Things to Do Before Starting Music Lessons

Learning music is something so many people want to do. But for those who have never tried to play an instrument, it seems like a daunting task. Here are some things to do before starting music lessons:

1. Find out what music you or your child likes.

You will expose to new types of music as you work with a teacher. It can certainly benefit both the student’s and the teacher’s experience to come in with some ideas of what you like. This can help shape the path the teacher takes with the songs you will understand and make for a much more enjoyable experience. Not everyone knows what they like, especially younger kids who have not exposed to a lot of music yet. This offers a great opportunity to go out to shows, see people play, and listen to music with your kids.

2. Pick an instrument that works for you.

Picking the right instrument to learn can make the difference between having a successful time learning music and struggling through it. But it’s challenging to find the right instrument for you. You’ll want something that you enjoy playing, otherwise, you’ll quickly lose interest. So, think about the sound that you like and what role in a band you may like to serve, and consider if you think you might learn some basics fairly quickly.

3. Find a teacher with a good personality fit.

Not all musicians have the same personality, and neither do music students. You’ll be investing a lot of time with your teacher. A lot of time practicing for your teacher, so you had better like him or her. A teacher that you get along with and respect will inspire you to practice and become a better musician. So, if there are a few saxophone teachers in your area, meet up with a few to see who you or your child would get along with the best.

4. Set goals with the teacher before starting and find a song to learn.

It’s essential to have reasonable assumptions. But I have always found it enough more fun as a teacher when students want to learn specialized songs. Learning the entire guitar, after a month of starting your instrument may not be a realistic goal, but talk with your teacher about some songs that you want to learn and they will help guide you toward something within your skill level.

5. Get a good quality beginner instrument

You don’t need a more expensive instrument to learn on, but having something that won’t fall apart in a month will save you a lot of frustration. The cheapest option is usually cheap for a reason, and poorly crafted instruments are simply not fun to play. It’s not fun when your guitar goes out of tune after the first note, or when your saxophone keys start leaking after a month. Repair techs will often not work on cheaply made instruments, as one repair won’t fix all the instrument’s problems, and problems bound to come up with poor workmanship. It’ll often be easier and cheaper to buy a suitable instrument.

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