5 Things To Remember When Choosing Stationery For Your Office

5 Things To Remember When Choosing Stationery For Your Office

In small offices, management is very much needed to be in charge of purchasing office stationery. Here are some tips that you can use to make your task easier and a lot more efficient.

1. Remember to plan for the year

First, estimate the amount of stationery used by each employee. Especially when you are working with an office with a lot of employees, it always pays to plan ahead so that you can buy in bulk and get a lot of discounts.

2. Remember to choose the right products

Your office may not require colored pencils or paint, but definitely require markers and stamp pads. So make a list of things that you need that help you eliminate wasteful expenses, and save you a lot of time.

3. Remember to focus on quality as much as quantity

Quality means that the products will last longer and be more economical in the long run. Of course, there are many products in the market whose prices are really low to extremely expensive. But pay attention to the quality of the products you are going to use with the price factor. Also, going for a brand that has been in service for years always helps. As such, the Camlin range of markers available in the market has a chisel tip for those wide and fine lines.

4. Remember to budget for refills of stationery

Mid-year, you may find that you are using some items. Of course, despite all your plans, you may be wrong with your calculations at times. Some items may end up falling because extra employees have been added to the team, a project that takes longer to complete, etc. Be sure. You can handle emergencies by setting a budget for these emergencies.

5. Remember to encourage responsible usage

Send an email to your office staff informing them of the importance of using stationery judiciously to make it an environmentally friendly office. If employees are better informed about what they can do to improve their carbon footprint, it will go a long way in maintaining the environment and will also prove to be cost-effective for your organization.

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