5 Things you Should Know Before Selling a Used Microwave

5 Things you Should Know Before Selling a Used Microwave

Do you want to buy a new Microwave? But buying an oven, even when you have your old one, has become quite difficult. Sell your used Microwave at the best prices. You will get various benefits of Selling a used Microwave. Most people are using microwaves in their daily life, you can sell them by online listing on GETEZO.

Here, are some easy tips to follow for Selling a used Microwave-

Check out the condition of the microwave before listing it-

The customer shall check the condition of the item before purchasing any item. If you haven’t cleaned the microwave properly, the customer may not like it. Clean it properly before listing it or selling it used. Also, check the condition of the item, maybe the microwave needs a repair or is damaged out of nowhere. You should first check it and get the microwave for repair.

Login to Getezo and add all the details of Microwave-

Gitzo is an online marketplace website in India. You can sell your used Microwave on Getezo. Log in to Getezo, and microwave listing with proper description and write a capturing Title.

You should take care of these points while listing a used microwave

Create an Informative Title-

Your title should be very creative and informative about your item. If the title is not that informative, it may not attract or clear to the customers, what you are trying to sell to them.

High-Quality Images from different angles-

Use high-quality images for showing properly the microwave from a different angle. So, that customers could see properly from all the angles and the microwave.

Quick Response-

Try to be online, and do quick response if any query is raised by the customers. It’s too important because people don’t like to wait. Always be active and responsive.

Other Features-

There are many varieties of microwaves are available in different types and in different sizes. With a creative and informative title, you should add all the features of the microwave, with which type of it.

Be Honest with Customer-

Honesty is maybe the easiest to be clear about; you have to tell the truth and not tell lies. If you tell a lie, even a small one, and you get found out your credibility is gone and any chance of a sale goes with it. Sadly people remember things that you have done wrong much more clearly than all the good things you do. So, be true to your customers and honestly tell them about the condition and the age of your microwave.

Pricing it right-

While selling your microwave, research adequately across online platforms to arrive at the right price. Look for similar listings and make a note of the pricing. This will allow you to get a minimum, maximum, and average price for your microwave. You could always quote a higher price for your microwave. When bargaining with buyers, justify correctly the value given the condition of the Microwave.

How Can Getezo Help?

Getezo is one of the largest upcoming online marketplaces in India, which you can access from almost anywhere. Find out the option of listing a Microwave at Getezo. The page takes you to a location where you can list the microwave will be shown. Choose the option which suits you the best.

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