5 Tips For Choosing Toys For Children Between 0 to 3 years

5 Tips For Choosing Toys For Children Between 0 to 3 years

Children (age: 0-3, or Toddlers) are little explorers who learn by doing. Play gives your child an opportunity to develop and practice new skills at their own pace by following their unique interests. The toys and other playthings your child have can shape their development in important ways. Therefore, it’s important How You Choose Toys For Children.

While it may seem like choosing toys for children should be easy, as you walk into a toy store today, the only thing that’s easy is feeling overwhelmed. There is a huge array of toys for the toddler market. How do you choose which are right for your child? How can you tell which are high quality and which will last? Below are some ideas for choosing toys for children.

Heterogenous Toys

Choose toys for children that can be used in a variety of ways. Toddlers love to take apart, put back together, pull out, put in, add on, and build up. Choose toys that are “open-ended” in the sense that your child can play many different games with them. For example, wooden blocks and chunky plastic interlocking blocks because can be used to make a road, a zoo, a bridge, or a spaceship.

One’s That Grow With Your Child

We all have had the experience of buying a toy that our child plays with for two days and never touches again. You can guard against that by looking for toys that can be fun at different developmental stages. For example, small plastic animals are fun for a young toddler who may make a shoebox house for them, while an older toddler can use them to act out a story she makes up.

One’s That Encourage Exploration & Problem-Solving

Play gives children the chance to practice new skills over and over again. Toys that give kids a chance to figure something out on their own, or with a little coaching—build their logical thinking skills and help them become persistent problem-solvers.

Examples: Puzzles, shape-sorters, blocks, nesting blocks or cups, art materials like clay, paint, crayons, or play-dough.

One’s That Sparks Child’s Imagination

During your child’s third year, his creativity is really taking off as he is now able to take on the role of someone else (like a king) and imagine that something (like a block) is actually something else (like a piece of cake). Look for toys that your child can use as he develops and acts out stories. Pretend play builds language and literacy skills, problem-solving skills, and the ability to sequence (put events in a logical order).

One’s That Encourage Child To Be Active

Toddlers are doing all kinds of physical tricks as they are stronger and more confident with their bodies. Your job is to be an appreciative audience for your little one’s newest playground achievement! Look for toys that help your child practice current physical skills and develop new ones.

Examples: A Basketball, tricycles, or three-wheeled scooters (with appropriate protective gear), etc.

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