5 Tips for Choosing Your Kitchen Hood

5 Tips for Choosing Your Kitchen Hood

By eliminating fats, water vapor, and cooking odors, the kitchen hood reduces the staining of kitchen walls and ceilings. Decorative, recessed, wall-mounted, or sit under the ceiling, are tools for all needs. Follow these six tips to make the right choice:

1. Ducting Out Or Recycling Mode?

If you live in a house then the ducting out range hood is ok because it requires the installation of a conduit to release smoke outside. The recycling hoods are best suited for apartments. The typical unit is equipped with carbon filters which filter the air before it is released from the sides. Easy to install, but this system needs its filters changed regularly.

2. Identify How You Cook

Depending on whether you cook a little or a lot on a gas or electric stove, or prefer induction rather than grilling or frying; you would not choose the same type of hood. Avoid recycling hoods if you like french fries and grilling because the filters will saturate quickly.

3. Choose The Right Speed

For a good air exchange, you should choose the right vacuum flow for your kitchen hood. Measure your kitchen then do this small operation: Lenght x width x height x 10. This gives you the minimum speed needed. Beware, if you have an open kitchen or if your vent hood is placed over a central island, allow higher airflow speed. Know that if your hood is more powerful, it can work at low speeds, which means less noise and less energy.

4. Choose The Right Size For Your Range Hood

The hood must be at least as large as the cooktop. Ideally, it will be even larger. We can even juxtapose two systems together.

5. Be Sensitive To Noise

If you are particularly sensitive to noise, some manufacturers offer hoods with the engine settled on an outside wall or even in the attic. But beware, you need to plan the installation prior to the construction or renovation of the house.

How Can We Help?

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