5 Tips for Improving Your Drawing

5 Tips for Improving Your Drawing

Drawing described as the action of making marks on any surface with any mark-making material. We all know that some of us can draw better than others. Becoming skilled at drawing involves several things coming together. Some of these things include desire, instruction, practice, time, and more practice. I put together this list of quick tips on drawing so that you can instantly see results in your drawing abilities.

1. Drawing is a Skill

This means that drawing is not some extraordinary activity that some people are born with the ability to do. A skill is something that can teach and learning. If you want to draw, draw better, or draw like a professional you can. Anyone can become skilled at drawing.

2. Drawing is at least 50% Observation

Have you consistently taken an image of something without pointing the camera at it? Then they become disappointed that their drawings don’t look representational. You must look at objects in order to draw them. You need to look at objects a lot in order to draw them. I suggest that the time you should spend looking at your object should be half the time to complete the drawing. Drawing is at least 50% observation.

3. Use Resources

Take photos or better yet take photos of objects if you can’t draw them in person. Some people may forsake me for this one. It’s just not possible to draw everything from life. So when you draw that lion, use a photo.

4. Look For Basic Shapes

Everything in the world simplified into basic shapes. When you are studying your subject, try to pick out the basic shapes that make up the overall shape. Usually, these shapes are pretty easy to draw. Draw the shapes, then draw the contours.

5. Use a Full Range of Value

Value is the darkness or lightness of a color. We can’t see without light, therefore we see things because of value. It’s not about color. Make a value scale and then use it. Make sure that your drawing has a full range of values. You define the light source through your use of value.

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