5 Tips For Indoor Natural Light Photography

5 Tips For Indoor Natural Light Photography

It’s important to learn indoor natural light in photography. You can use light to change the mood of the image as well as really make your subject pop. If you have noticed that a lot of your indoor photos are blurry, the odds are you aren’t using light correctly. Light is one of the most important elements of any photograph. Most homes have at least one or two spots that work just fine. You don’t have to have an amazing dedicated photography studio to get great shots indoors. These tips will help you take indoor photos with just your camera and natural window light.

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Tips to have Natural Light Photography

These beginner tips will help you create beautiful photos using natural light.

Use a light-catching backdrop

The backdrop is made with a freestanding collapsible clothes rack and a long piece of white material. The white material helps to cradle the light.

Use a mirror

Hang a mirror in the window. A mirror is another great way to control natural light. It can take some patience to get the angles and reflections under control, but it’s worth it. A larger mirror would require less cropping.

Place your subject close to the window

This way you’ll make the best use of the natural light, and avoid the harsh contracts that can be created by being too close to the window/door. Place your subject a foot or two away from the light source.

Use the curtains

When the sun is beaming into the room, the light can blow out your photos. Pulling the curtains can soften the light and help with proper exposure. Curtains help to diffuse harsh light.

Choose your while balance

For proper skin tones choose Daylight. This will give good results. You can adjust your White Balance while editing but getting it right while shooting makes editing easier. The button for changing white balance is usually marked with a WB somewhere on the back of the camera.

The direction of light Is important to create mood

Decide what mood you’d like in your photo, and also pay attention to space you have to maneuver, and any clutter that may be in the background. You can have a beautiful hazy backlit photo directly from the front.

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