5 Tips On How To Choose The Right Dance Class

5 Tips On How To Choose The Right Dance Class

You’ve watched every season of Dance India Dance, tried dancing to every dance choreography on Youtube or even got inspired by a dancer busking on the street. For whatever reason it is, you are determined to put on your dancing shoes and sign up for dance classes. The question is, which dance class should you choose? Choosing the right dance class can sometimes be overwhelming and daunting when you have so many options to choose from. And so, here, we’ll discuss How you can Choose The Right Dance Class.

How To Choose A Dance Class

Dance Style 

The fastest way to narrow down your options of dance studios is to choose a dance style focus. Every dance studio has a main dance style in which they are reputable or are highly trained. The first thing you should do is choose a dance style you are currently most interested in learning. Next, select 3-5 dance studios that are highly recommended for that dance style. Discussion forums, Facebook page reviews, and website comments are some best places to find out what other past students have thought of the studio.

Other than that, checking the number of classes for a certain dance style will indicate how much focus is being placed on that dance style. For example, if a studio that offers ballet, hip hop, and Latin dance classes has the highest number of active ballet classes, chances are the dance studio places more focus on ballet.


Having a dance teacher with adequate experience in not only dancing but also in teaching is essential to achieve your growth in dance. Firstly, review the dance faculty in the studio. How long have the teachers been dancing? Do they have any experience performing in companies or productions? How long have they started teaching and how often? Have they ever trained students for competitions? If so, how were the results? These are just some of the questions that you want to consider. Depending on what you are looking for in your studio, it is best to note down your questions before checking out the studio.


Cost may vary based on many different reasons such as location, reputation, dance style, class number intakes, and many more. Before you start going for trial classes, it’s best to call up the dance studio and inquire about dance class costs. By doing so, you’re able to gauge how much you are willing to invest in that dance studio and compare it with the other studios.

The importance of costs also depends on why you are learning dance. Are you planning to be a professional dancer? Is this just a hobby? Find out you’re ‘why’ for learning dance and you’ll be able to set an expectation of how much you’re willing to invest.


This is a tricky one because you won’t know exactly how the dance class’s environment would be until you start taking classes for several months. The environment of the studio should bring about positive and encouraging. Be it among the faculty or the students. One of the hints to pick up on a positive environment is when the students try to connect with you in your trial class. It should be a friendly hi and introduction.

Where To Find?

OVX India is one of India’s Largest Online Marketplace which you can access from anywhere in India. Just Log on to OVX India and search for Dance Classes after providing a location. The page takes you to a place where a list of people/organizations willing to offer their Dance Teaching Services is shown. Choose out the option that best suits you. Also, keep what we’ve discussed in mind.

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