5 Tips to Get a Product Management Job

5 Tips to Get a Product Management Job

Does this mean you won’t be able to get a job in a different industry? Not at all! In fact, most of us will switch industries several times throughout our careers. The important part is to have a game plan for how to position yourself as a strong candidate. Here are 5 tips to get a product management Job.

1) Acknowledge that industry experience is important

This can be difficult to swallow, but you have to start by acknowledging that industry experience is important and unless you have it, you will be at a disadvantage compared to other candidates. This is just a fact. Once you make peace with it, you can start working on a plan.

This is especially important when speaking with the hiring manager and subject experts in the company you are interviewing. To tell these people that industry knowledge is not important is a slap in the face. These people have probably spent years building that knowledge, and they are proud of it. It would not be better to deny his expertise.

3) Understand the hiring manager’s 

It is important to understand the pain the hiring manager wants to solve. Why is she hiring for this role right now? What is the first project you will have to deal with? She can give you an idea of the basic skill set she needs and is an opportunity to present herself as a solution because pain may not be industry specific.

4) Position your outsider experience as an asset

After working for too long in the same industry, product teams may become blind to what may happen in the rest of the technology or product world. It may already solve the problem you are trying to solve in a different industry, and there is no need to reinstall the wheel.

5) Have examples of how you ramped up in other companies

Hiring managers want to know that you will be a self-starter who will invest time (even outside normal business hours) to gain momentum. Come to your interview prepared with examples of when you joined new industries and how you gained momentum.

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