5 Tips To Get Black Hair Naturally

5 Tips To Get Black Hair Naturally

Black is one of the most common natural hair colors. We often see black hair as a sign of healthy hair. Prevalent issues like pollution, UV rays, and irregular hair care and maintenance can cause premature aging of hair. When that happens, the hair loses its natural color and becomes white or gray. The biggest issue with black hair is that graying spotted easily. Parameters like premature aging of hair, extensive use of chemicals, stress, and hair damage can cause hair to lose its natural pigmentation and become white. Adding natural ingredients to your hair care routine can help preserve your hair’s natural pigment. Here are some ingredients that help keep hair dark.

1. Coffee

The caffeine in coffee found to stimulate hair growth in androgenetic alopecia. It also elongates the hair shaft, prolongs anagen duration, and stimulates the proliferation of keratinocyte.

2. False Daisy

Bhringraj (False Daisy) has used for centuries in Ayurveda to help keep hair black. It helps enhance hair’s natural color. It helped stimulate hair growth in humans.

3. Tea

Black tea has been used as a natural hair dye for centuries in Ayurveda and Chinese medicine. It contains tannins that increase the color intensity of hair.

4. Henna

Henna is one of the most popular natural hair dyes. It contains lawsone, a red-orange compound that makes hair dark. Henna is known to prevent premature graying of hair.

5. Amla

We know the Indian gooseberry to help enhance hair’s natural color. They often use it as a natural ingredient in dyes to keep the hair color dark. It contains a high content of vitamin C, which helps reduce hair loss.

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