5 Tips to portraits sketch yourself better!

5 Tips to portraits sketch yourself better!

Portraits sketch yourself can be a great idea to learn a lot about sketching, shading, and proportions. When you sketch, your pictures can be a kind of funny-they don’t always represent a subject the same way. But, making a sketch of yourself, can teach you a lot about art and yourself. So here are some tips to portraits sketch yourself better!

1. Start with a light sketch.

Portraits sketch start with a light outline, everyone thinks they know the proportions of a face, but when you really study the human face, it’s easy to recognize that the eyes are not near the top of the head, they are more about half-way between the crown of the head and your chin. Get the major features first, lightly, to create a foundation so you can add in your details later. This way, if you make a mistake, you can easily erase it and it won’t affect the minute details you will spend more time creating later on.

2. Add shadows and smudge them.

To create realistic shadow effects, use a smudging tool or your finger to draw out the shadows. This will blend the medium you use whether it is graphite, charcoal, or pastel and your shadows will end up lighter and easier to clean up in case you make a mistake. Lighting is important in finding shadows, and one of the best ways to properly “light” yourself is to use top-lighting or lighting from above. This is something to take into consideration when you take the photo you will use to do your self-portrait during your set-up if you plan to use a mirror.

3. Do your hairline after you outline.

Start with the head and work out the correct length. Fill in with heavy lines, then add shadowing and highlights as you go along.

4. Fine details come last.

After you have the outline and some of the shading done, its time for the fine details. Take some time filling in places in the eyes and lips and also add some more shadowing to the neck so that your face doesn’t appear to be floating in thin air. The finer details are the ones which really led to the realistic quality of a self-portrait. You can add some color at this point with colored pencils.

5. Choose a good frame.

A good frame can achieve your art nicely and highlight your sketching skills. A simple black frame nice when using charcoal, or something made of light wood goes best with soft colors. If you ever tire of drawing your own image, you can always get together with a friend and practice sketching portraits of each other. Or do a portrait of yourself and have your friend do one of you as well. Don’t look while they are in progress, but afterwards, compare and contrast. Our perspectives can vary much from individual to individual.

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