5 Tips to Sell an Old Cupboard Quickly at a Good Price

5 Tips to Sell an Old Cupboard Quickly at a Good Price

People often complain that they have too much furniture that they do not use. If you are facing a similar problem then instead of complaining you should do something about it. This article will particularly give you some tips on how to create an effective listing to sell a cupboard or almirah but this will also give you an idea for other furniture as well.

Why Should You Sell Your Old Cupboard?

We will give you three reasons.

  • Just think about all the extra space you will get once you get rid of your old cupboard.
  • You may use this space for more productive purposes. You can even keep a study table or a chair in the free space. You may also use the space for decorative purposes because the old almirah is surely not matching with your interiors.
  • You will earn money for something that is rather useless for you and serves no purpose except for covering space.

Where Should You Sell Your Cupboard?

You should sell your cupboard where most of the buyers are. Are you still confused? All the buyers are looking for a cupboard on the website of OVX India. You should be there too.

The 5 Tips that Every Pro Seller Follows to Sell Quickly

Now, let us focus on the 5 basic tips that you should definitely follow if you want to sell almirah quickly.  These tips will not only help your listing rank on the top but will also help you to get a good price.

1. Create an Informative Title

Always write a title that grabs the attention of the buyers. There are high chances that your buyer might be getting a lot of options to choose from. Your title should have the power to compel the buyer to click on your listing. This is possible only if your title holds some information about the cupboard.

Let us try and understand it better with the help of 3 examples:

  1. “Buy Cupboard”
  2. “Buy a Cupboard in just Rs 5,000”
  3. “Get a Double Door Cupboard with Drawers in good condition for just Rs 5,000”

The first title seems vague and not many people will click on it. The second example says that you can get a cupboard for just Rs 5,000 so a few people will want to look at the details. In the third example, a lot of details about the cupboard are mentioned and all the people looking for such qualities will definitely click on the link. Therefore, it is advised to include the important details about the cupboard in the title.

2. Upload Images of the Cupboard from Different Angles

Most of the people just upload the picture from the front but the problem is that the pictures from the front are not enough to convert a buyer. Think about it.

Will you buy a cupboard by just looking at the front pictures? (OR) Will you buy a cupboard that you can see from various angles?

Obviously, you will choose the one which you have seen from different angles. This is why the users that upload pictures from various angles sell within a few hours. We even suggest you click pictures when the cupboard and drawers (if any) are open to show the inner space. Pictures of handles, etc will grab even more trust of the buyers.

3. Write a Detailed Description  

The description of the cupboard should contain all the details about the cupboard including its price, color, number of doors, drawers, compartments, etc. You can also mention small details like whether it has a hanger rod and a mirror or not.

4. Remain Online

This is an important tip. A buyer is always in a hurry. If you remain offline, you might miss an opportunity to sell or your buyer might strike a deal with another seller. The best way is to remain online until your cupboard is sold. You do not need to stay on the website all the time but you can open it once every hour. You can also enable notifications so that you are notified as soon as a buyer shows interest.

5. Always Respond

Whenever you receive a notification from a buyer, make sure you give an appropriate response to the buyer. The buyers are willing to buy and they contact many sellers at a time. If someone responds before you, there are high chances for that seller to bag the deal. So, be quick with your responses.

How Can Getezo Help?

Getezo is one of the largest upcoming online marketplaces in India, which you can access from almost anywhere. Find out the option to list your old Cupboard at Getezo. The page takes you to a location where you can list your old Cupboard will be shown. Choose the option which suits you the best.

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