5 Ways to Avoid Being Duped When Selling Your Car

5 Ways to Avoid Being Duped When Selling Your Car

When you are thinking about Car scams, the first thing that comes to your mind is those shady dealers. But car scams are not only happening during buying a car. You can be duped while buying a car too. You have to be safe while selling a used car too. Avoid being duped by following some of the tips. Or sell properly with a person’s identity. Don’t go directly to marketplace websites for selling your car. You should be careful about these scams. Online selling is a great way for dealing with the best. You can find the best deals on online websites selling but sell your item carefully.

5 Ways to Avoid Being Duped When Selling your Car:

Selling online is a great way, here you can follow these tips to avoid car scams online. Go for an online listing by following these tips.

Research the Nitty Gritty-

While selling your used car you have to go with proper research. Research about the ongoing or market rate of the car. So, that you can deal without arguing about the price. The best way of pricing the used car is to go with an average price of the market rate.

Be honest with the person you are dealing with or selling your car. Tell them about the years you have used the car and the condition of the car. Be clear from your side while selling your car, do not give a single chance to complain about your service.

Go for the Cash-

It is good to go with online payment. But you can also see some fraud from online payments. Meet them in person, and go for the cash. Some people will provide you with payment in the form of a cheque. No, it is good enough, but if they have the required amount in their bank. You can easily be cheated through payments like checks or online payments. Be careful with the people you are selling with.

Take Precautions with the test drivers-

Be aware of this type of scam. As some people want to take a test drive of your car, before finalizing the deal. and that’s totally okay. But, don’t allow for solo test driving. If they are asking you for a solo drive, it can be a risk for you. You should have to say NO! They have only two reasons for asking for a solo test driving, the people are hesitating in front of a new person while driving. The second, one is the theft of your car. Do not say yes, to a solo driving test.

Maintain a Paper Trail-

It is very important to trail the paper properly. Maintain the proper according to your state, as every state has different rules for proper title transfer. You should follow those rules properly. In a deal, or when you selling something paperwork gets handled for you.

In many states, You have to sign back on a paper with the date, existing title, and sales price.

Say No to Overpayment-

You have to take care of this, especially while dealing with an online person. Sometimes, when the person lives in a different city or pays you as a cheque. Or as an online payment, which is over than a fixed price by you. And, they will say to take the payment to you as funds. Say No to them, as this is also can be a scam. Do not trap in all of this. Be aware of this fraud!

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