6 Lighting Ideas For Your Home To Brighten Things Up!

6 Lighting Ideas For Your Home To Brighten Things Up!

One can’t deny the fact that lighting plays an important role in our home interior and our life inside it. Humbly and silently it emits its brightness to enhance the décor of our home. It creates a perfect ambiance for pleasant evenings. Lighting has a deep impact on the mood of individuals. The moment you step in, it can set the environment serene with its calmness. It makes it cheerful by the brightness it spreads around. Being a homeowner and homemaker, we understand the importance of light in our lives and how it makes our home warm and welcoming. And so, here we present to you some common Lighting Ideas for your home.

So, let’s begin!

Easy-to-do Home Lighting Ideas

Kinds of Lighting

There are three kinds of Lighting we use in our homes – ambient or general, task, and accent. Of these, at least two types are needed for every room to be lit up properly.

  • Ambient lighting is required in every room, and overhead lights are the most common example of this category
  • Ambient lights need to be supplemented with task lighting, which, as the name suggests, is essential for a task to be performed. Pick ambient lighting for your study, kitchen, or dressing room, and make sure you have enough light to work comfortably when you need to
  • In some instances, ambient lighting might have to be accompanied by accent lighting. Accent lighting helps highlight artwork, or light up a showcase or a carefully decorated nook.

Oversize Statement Light

Chose an oversize statement arched floor lamp with a striking, slim silhouette that provides ample but diffused ambient light. Whether you choose a design classic like a mid-century Arco Floor Lamp or an affordable Scandi-style tripod floor lamp, use the extra real estate you’re likely to have in the living room to treat lighting as a piece of furniture as well as a source of illumination.

Dimmers to the Help

With living spaces shrinking, it is common for one room to be used for different purposes throughout the day. Thus a table where you sit down for an intimate dinner could also be used as the place where you work to complete office assignments. A dimmer switch helps you transform your space to fit your need. Turn up the light when you need to work, and lower it to create the right ambiance for a romantic meal.

Moroccan Lantern

You don’t need to have a Moroccan-style interior to incorporate a dreamy perforated metal Moroccan lantern into your living room. A Polish woman had some Home Lighting Ideas, and she hung a Moroccan lantern in the living room of her London home. It adds a note of whimsy to the eclectic decor and casts magical shadows when lit up in the center of the room.

A Zest of Colors

Step away from the normal white or yellow lights and add a quirky feature with colored lighting. Use a concealed blue string light under your kitchen counter, or a colored lamp in the hallway for a stunning effect. Colored lights look good outdoors too.

Perfectly Mismatched

When choosing to light for either side of a sofa, there’s no need to limit yourself to matching table lamps. In this living room, a table lamp on one side and a low-slung chandelier on the other create balance without being twins. The brass finishes on both fixtures, as well as the coffee table, keep the pairing harmonious.

Where to Find Effective Home Lighting?

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