6 Tips To Keep Your Clothes Fresh As A Daisy!

6 Tips To Keep Your Clothes Fresh As A Daisy!

Do you feel that your clothes are not that white as you expect them to be? Are you losing your sleep over your favorite white shirt getting pale? Read on to find simple hacks that can lend a new brighter life to your clothes. Clean & flawless laundry has more to do with the technique you use, than with your choice of cleaning agents or equipment.

And so, here we bring you 10 Tips to keep your clothes fresh. So, what is there to wait for?

How To Keep Your Clothes Fresh?

Sort by Color and Fabric

Anyone who has worked with laundry before knows that whites should be separated from deeply colored fabrics. But what you should know is that even light-colored fabrics are sometimes enough to spoil your favorite white shirt. It is advisable to wash your whites separately. Resist the urge to wash all of your clothes on a single wash. This is to ensure that your whites stay sparkling white.

Separating natural fabrics from synthetic clothing is a great idea too. What happens is different kind of clothing has different drying speeds. This ensures your favorite clothes are washed with the utmost care thereby increasing its lifetime. Also, Avoid washing towels, blankets, and napkins with apparel as they produce a lot of lint.

Using too much Detergent is harmful to clothes

Ever wondered what those white patches on your freshly laundered clothes are? It’s basically the excess residual soap used in laundry. Using too much detergent than what’s advised, causes it to stick to the dirt, rather than removing it. It leaves unsightly stains on your clothes.

Let it soak in for a while

It’s a good practice to soak your clothes overnight. This technique is called Pre-soaking. It was invented way before washing machines were invented. While using a washing machine, pre-soak your clothes with detergent. This ensures complete dirt removal. You would need less effort to wash them. After a wash, they will come out much brighter than usual.

Allow the detergent to dissolve

For efficient cleaning, let your detergent completely get dissolved into the water. Do this before adding your clothes. If you are adding detergent to the dispenser in a washing machine, making a solution instead of adding powder does the trick. You even go for liquid detergents. They do not leave any excess residual on your clothes after the wash.

Prevent fades

You can add a teaspoon of salt to your detergent to prevent the fading of colors. You can also preserve the color of darker clothes by turning them inside out before washing them.

Fight tough stains and spots

You can use Hydrogen Peroxide for tough stains & spots. Half cup each of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda, along with 1 cup of water, work like magic on collars and other areas prone to staining. This will keep your clothes fresh.

How Can We Help?

We have discussed some important tips which can help you keep your clothes fresh like a daisy! However, if you are facing challenges, or you are in a situation where you live alone and you are unable to find that much time to take care of your laundry, you can go for professional laundry services. Let’s see how?

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