8 Reasons Why You Should Buy A Royal Enfield

8 Reasons Why You Should Buy A Royal Enfield

The biggest dilemma for a person who wants to buy a new motorcycle has been considering Royal Enfield as an option. Well apart from the regular confusion about which motorcycle to buy, RE’s also happen to be one of the most criticized motorcycles in our country. This leads a person to seriously consider whether to buy a Bullet or not.  If you too fall in the same category; are fascinated by Bullet and want to buy one; but are apprehensive about it; then you have come to a right place. Here, we shall explore 8 Elementary reasons of Why You Should Buy A Royal Enfield.

So, Let’s Start!

Why You Should Buy a Royal Enfield?

Royal Enfield is probably the highest selling motorcycle in Indian market. So why is everyone now buying a Bullet and why you should too? Well, below are some of the most prominent reasons:

Royal Presence

They have been selling these motorcycles for over 50 years now and this reason has never gone away. It does not matter whether it is an old Bullet or the newer model, a Royal Enfield will always attract attention. Think about it, every other motorcycle manufacturer changes their designs and will launch newer versions. With Royal Enfield however, this never was or is the case.


When you own a Royal Enfield, you already know that your motorcycle is capable of handling any incline or any terrain; that it can go anywhere whether there is a road available or not. If you are a travel junkie then you also have the choice of choosing bikes like Himalayan; which is specifically designed for the hills with all the power that an RE offers.

Ride Quality

And it is not just the hills and rough terrains that a Bullet proves its metal on. Even on the highways and plains, the ride quality of an Enfield is unmatchable. The overall heavy built matched with superb low-end torque will provide great highway stability with no loss of traction anywhere.


The newer models are powered by a unit construction engine which not only is easier to maintain but also is way more advanced than the old iron AVL engines. The company provides a warranty of 24 months which shows their own confidence in their machines. A Royal Enfield without doubt is one of the most reliable motorcycles you can get in Indian market today.


An RE is the most comfortable bike that you can get specially for longer rides. The overall seating position is perfect for a cruiser and doesn’t stress the rider too much during long rides.

This is the very reason why most of the riders who go on long motorcycle rides will always have a Royal Enfield.

Build Quality

An RE is built to withstand time. Did you know of any other bike which lasted 20 to 30 years and was still capable of an easy journey? Buy an RE, maintain it well and you know that it will serve you for years to come.


The customization choice an RE offers is vast. No other motorcycle offers such customization options in India. If you are someone who likes their rides to be unique, then Bullet is the best motorcycle for you. Another added advantage is that making changes to an RE is not that cumbersome.

Everybody’s Motorcycle

One of the biggest apprehensions people had earlier was the different kind of mechanism a Bullet had; and by this, I mean brake on the left, gear on the right; the notorious bouncing back kick which was capable of hurting people. In the newer models, company changed all this and made it standard like all other bikes. Now the positioning of gear and brake is common; kick do not bounce back like it used to; and you have the choice of electric start.

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