There is one sentence (often said by our founder, Mrs. Sonu Swami) that sums it all up about OVX India – Online View Exchange India:


We are a free classified company that promises to provide you with a thorough listing of all the services and products to satisfy all your needs. From second-hand books to used cars, from schools to hotels, and from utility services to business needs; we have got it all covered. We will provide a list of all the possible options you can compare and choose from.

OVX India is a part of the Sarthak Swami Group. This group aims at creating harmony and peace among all living beings and making lives easier. OVX India is a relatively newer venture which aims to help mankind in a slightly different manner.

Our point is clear. Your ease matters. If you are looking for anything, you need not wander from one website to another. Just log on to our website and you will find everything you need. YES! Anything and everything you are looking for is on our website. You will get the following categories of goods and services:
Have you skipped reading all this?

It was expected. However, let us make things short. You come to us with your needs. Search for your query. You will get a number of options. Compare all the prices and contact sellers you wish to deal with. That’s all.

If you are a seller, just list your product and receive buying requests. Simple as that!
What are you waiting for? Make a profile and you are good to go. All our services are totally free.

Our Mission

We, in OVX India, have a clear mindset. We wish to encompass all the utilities, services and day-to-day needs in just one place so that you can get everything in just a single place. We aim to provide a website with clear, detailed, and easy-to-navigate listings. We also have a strong desire to become a household name in India by providing unmatchable services to both buyers and sellers.

Our Vision

Our founder, Mrs. Sonu Swami, was looking for a few services online and he had to visit multiple websites in order to get his work done. That is when he came up with the idea to create a website that has it all. OVX India will have all the listing categories that different leading classified companies offer. The idea is to make everything accessible at just a few clicks of the buttons.

In short, the vision was to create a website that covers all aspects of necessities for the people of India. Now, you do not need to open different websites for different needs. Our website has it all. Try and find something that we do not have.