Air Conditioner Buying Guide 2020 – How To Buy The Right AC

Air Conditioner Buying Guide 2020 – How To Buy The Right AC

The weather around has been pretty hot lately. In the present time of the year, we are facing intense humid conditions in certain parts of the country. The Humidity around makes us feel that the atmosphere is even hotter than it actually is. This demands a need of an Air Conditioner with a capacity good enough to cover your requirements at a reasonable cost. Consider the below briefly described points to get a clear understanding of How to Pick a Right AC.

What Kind Of AC To Buy?

There are two types of AC’s available in the market: The Split AC & Window AC. They both have roughly the same features, but come in different size formats. Owing to your requirement they both inherit certain advantages & disadvantages over one another.

  • Split AC:

    As the name suggest this kind come in split parts, an indoor unit & an outdoor unit with their name-obvious placements. Since, external unit incorporates compressor. The Split AC’s are quieter. One can install this in a windowless room contrary to the other. The come in sleek design ready to blend-in with your room.They have certain drawbacks like difficult to install, as you have to drill holes, and have cables connecting the two units together. Apart from this they are expensive as compared to Window AC’s.

  • Window AC:

    All components are inside a single box. As a result, these are Easier to install as compared to the former. They sit on a window. On the other hand, these are most suitable option for a small room AC’s at a reasonable price.They have a drawback of being nosier compared to the former as compressor in incorporated in the same box.

The Right Capacity For Your Room

You need to determine what Capacity of AC you should Buy. We measure Capacity of Air Conditioners in tons. Various AC’s of two kinds are available in the capacity of 1 to 2 tons. It’s independent of its weight. It is a measure of rate at which AC can cool the entire room. Larger Rooms require AC’s of higher tonnage. As per international standards, you require about 20 BTU (British Thermal Unit) per sq. feet.

Energy Efficiency At Its Best

The reason why some of the people refrain from the thought of buying an Air Conditioner is its Running Cost. The efficiency of an air conditioner is denoted by Energy Efficiency Ratio. It is the ratio of the air conditioner’s cooling capacity (BTU, Tonnage) to its total power consumption.  ISEER (Indian Standard EER) ratings are generally denoted as stars ratings which help you easily identify energy-efficient air conditioners. Higher the star rating, better the air conditioner’s energy efficiency.

However, Energy Efficient AC’s are costlier as compared to those who have lesser ratings. Consider this as a Future Investment as it may cost you more at the time you buy it but it’ll reduce your Running Cost which is an important factor.

From Where To Buy Best Of AC’s At A Reasonable Price?

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