Are You an Interior Decorator? We Have Business for You

Are You an Interior Decorator? We Have Business for You

If you are an interior decorator, we have brought you a bunch of opportunities. Being an interior decorator is not only a challenging job but it is also difficult to get good clients. In fact, many people in India are not even aware of the concept of interior design. They do not even know that they can avail professional help in order to redecorate their house.

The lack of awareness in the Indian market is one of the main challenges for the interior designing industry. We cannot take the responsibility of the whole industry but OVX India can definitely help you to at an individual level. Are you confused? OVX India is an online platform that helps professional service providers like you to connect with buyers.

How Much Do We Charge?

Our services are totally free of cost and we do not charge even a single rupee to connect you with your prospective buyers. However, if you wish to run an advertisement for your services or promote your listing on our platform, only then you will have to pay a nominal fee, which you can totally avoid.

In fact, we do not encourage you to promote your listing until it does not get any attention for three or more days straight. Why waste money when you are already getting traffic for free. Additionally, your gigs will be noticed even when you do not promote them. You can easily get a lot of clients without even spending a single rupee.

What Should You Keep in Mind While Posting a Listing?

You should follow these basic steps if you wish to post a listing that attracts buyers:

Give a Catchy Title

Always provide a title that grabs the attention of the buyers. Your title must compel the buyer to click on your gig.

For example:

When a buyer will search for interior decorators, a lot of results will appear. If you give a title that says “Hire Interior Decorators”, the user might or might not click on your listing.

Now, let us suppose that there are titles like “Redesign your home with our services” and “Hire me as your interior decorator and give a new look to your interiors”. The user is most likely to click on these titles. If you add a title that has a few details (like the second one), there are high chances for the user to go through your description.

Write a Good Description

Your description should be very detailed and should also tell each and everything that you wish to tell your buyer. You can start by writing the general specifications.

For example,

  • What is the process that you will follow
  • Will you add or remove anything
  • How long will it take
  • How much will you charge
  • Are there different packages

There could be a lot of details that you can mention. Just make sure to include as many details as possible.

Upload Images Showing Different Angles

Will you hire a service without actually seeing some samples?

Then, how could you expect someone else to do it?

Try and upload good quality pictures taken in proper lighting conditions that show your work in the best possible manner. Take pictures from different angles. You may also upload ‘before and after’ pictures showcasing how the interiors looked before you started working and after you finished.

Consider the pictures as a medium to showcase your true potential. In addition, you can also record short video clips to show your work from every side. The videos build trust among the buyers and convince them easily to hire your services.

Remain Online

Once you have done everything that was needed to be done, the waiting starts. You are expecting offers from buyers. You have to wait and stay online. If someone likes your gig or wants to discuss it, you must be online to answer those queries. If you can’t remain online, you can visit our website or open the application at the intervals of one hour.

If you are online, you will reply to the query instantly. However, you might miss a sales opportunity if you do not stay online. Consider this: The user shortlist three to four sellers and approaches them one by one. If you will not respond instantly, the user will approach someone else. What if they struck a deal? There are many buyers but it is better to sell at the earliest.

Always Respond

There are many sellers who feel shy and do not respond to a query. The buyers do not like delayed responses and they usually move to the next seller. It is better to respond to your customer as soon as possible. If you are shy or worry about spelling and grammar errors, simply forget about it.

You can chat in your regional language. You can tell your buyer that you do not understand English. Are you still worried about your impression on the buyer? First of all, if the buyer could summon up the courage to send the message, you should reply as a good seller. Secondly, a reply with mistakes is better than no reply.

Follow these basic steps and you will be able to get more clients.

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