Are You Short on Money? Make Money by Selling Those Antiques on OVX India

Are You Short on Money? Make Money by Selling Those Antiques on OVX India

The need for urgent money could arise anytime. Such situations could be very hectic and stressful. To get rid of these situations, you become so tensed that you fail to think of the most logical and easy solution. Yes, the solution is right in front of you but you somehow do not see it from the value perspective.

That Antique in Your House Could be Precious

We are talking about the antiques that act as nothing but a piece of décor in your house. You may sell these on OVX India and make good money. Many lovers of antiques and art collectors visit our website daily to find such a specimen. If you also happen to be an owner of such fine pieces of old antiques, you do not need to worry about money anymore because we will become the medium for you to earn a lot.

The prices of antiques could go as high as hundreds of crores. We are not implying that your antique could sell for such a high price but it could possibly get you a few lakhs of rupees. If it is not even that substantial, you might be able to make, at least, a few thousand rupees.

What Should You Do?

You should list your antiques on the extensive platform of OVX India. The interested buyers will contact you if they like the product you are selling. Once you both agree on a price, you can sell the item and earn money.

You can follow these simple steps to make money by selling antiques on our platform:

  • Log on to the website of OVX India at
  • Now, register your account by entering information like your name, address, phone number, email address, etc.
  • You will be directed to the home page where you should explore a little bit to get ideas on how to create a good listing.
  • Once you are done with your exploration, you should start creating your own listing.

The Tips to Create an Attractive Listing that Grabs the Attention of the Buyers

Creating an attractive listing is as simple as anything else. Here are a few tips that will empower your listing to capture the attention of the buyers.

A Fun Photo Shoot

It is very important to upload good photos if you wish to sell an antique. For this, you just need a smartphone. There is no need for a DSLR or any other professional camera. Your phone is more than enough. You should follow these steps to make sure that the pictures are good:

Clean the Antique Thoroughly but Gently

An antique that looks clean and tidy is likely to get you more money than the one covered with dust and soot. You need to clean it precisely but gently. You might not want to damage it in any manner so make sure that you do the cleaning in a gentle manner.

Keep it Under Proper Lighting

The art of photography depends a lot upon the lighting conditions. You will have to make sure your antique is getting proper light before taking its pictures. You might even take it outdoors to click good pictures.

Click Pictures from Multiple Angles

Make sure that you click multiple pictures and from different angles so that the buyer could know how does it look from different angles. This also eliminates the chances of disputes while actual selling.

A Descriptive Title

You should write a title that includes the basic details of your antique item like what is it, how old is it, and how much do you wish to charge for it. Here is an example for your reference:

Let us say that you wish to sell an antique watch. You may give a title similar to this:

“A 110 years old wall clock with a pendulum for sale at just Rs. 45,000”

A Detailed Description

You will need to elaborate on the details that you already mentioned in the title and then you may even add other details like what is the color, size, etc.

Following these tips will help you sell antiques like hotcakes. So, do not waste even a single more minute and log on to today and make money.

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