Benefits of Reading Books for Your Physical and Mental Health

Benefits of Reading Books for Your Physical and Mental Health

For many of us, there is nothing better than getting lost in a good book; Reading can transport us to another world, at least temporarily providing freedom from the everyday stresses of life. But increasingly, researchers are finding that reading can provide genuine health and wellness benefits. You will find many benefits of reading books from making you smarter to improving reading and writing skills. If you want to understand what benefits one can get from developing the habit of reading, we have listed the top 5 benefits here.

5 Benefits of Reading Books:

1. Improves Brain Connectivity

Like physical exercise for your cardiovascular system, reading regularly improves memory by giving your brain a good workout. According to research, memory and brain function decreases with age, but regular reading can help slow down this process. It has been found that by doing frequent brain exercises, the mental decline can be reduced by 32 percent.

2. Helps you fall asleep

Creating a bedtime ritual, such as reading before bed, signals your body that it is time to calm down and sleep. Reading a book is a great alternative to screen time if you want to relax. Screens like e-readers and tablets can keep you awake for a long time and affect your sleep. Always try to reading from a book to avoid your screen time.

3. Reduces stress, lowers blood pressure and heart rate

One scientific study found that just 30 minutes of reading reduced blood pressure, heart rate, and feelings of psychological distress as effectively as other activities such as yoga.

4. Fights Symptoms of Depression

Reading fiction can allow you to temporarily escape from your world and be swept up in the characters’ fictional experiences. At the same time, non-fiction self-help books can teach you strategies that can help you manage symptoms.

The NHS has started Reading Well – an initiative to help people understand and manage their health and well-being through helpful reading lists. The books are recommended by health experts, as well as people with experience in the conditions and topics covered and their relatives and caregivers.

5. Prevents Cognitive Decline With Age

The National Institute on Aging recommends reading books and magazines to keep your mind busy as you age. Although research has not proven that reading books protects against diseases like Alzheimer’s, studies show that older people who read and solve math problems daily maintain and improve their cognitive functioning.

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