3 Best Books of 2021 You Shouldn’t Miss to Read

3 Best Books of 2021 You Shouldn’t Miss to Read

3 Best Books of 2021 You Shouldn’t Miss to read as per New York Times, If you love reading books or if you’ve started reading, these 3 best books of 2021 are what you will love to read, with year about to end deep dive into these beautiful&amazing fiction books which will give goosebumps, these are the Bestseller books of 2021, I bet you readers will not be able to keep the book down, with each pages building stories to next, you will be glued to the book.

Wait no more, let us see the 3 best books of 2021:-

1. ‘How Beautiful We Were’ written by Imbolo Mbue

'How Beautiful We Were' book by Imbolo Mbue,Best book of 2021

It’s a story of people living in Kosawa, a Fictional African village. You will get to know about the people, living in terror due to an American company. This is one of the best books 2021 you can read in 2021. 

2.‘How the Word Is Passed’ written by Clint Smith

.'How the Word Is Passed' book by Clint Smith

Clint Smith travels to 8 areas in the United States and one abroad to figure out the commonality between American slavery history & cities. You will find it worth reading, it is one of the best books to read in 2021. . You will relate to many other nations where slavery is still present today. 

3.’Intimacies’ written by Katie Kitamura

'Intimacies' written by Katie Kitamura

You feel the same Love, distress, and authority an unnamed Woman faces in New York, where she makes a life-changing decision. She is soon pushed to the edge, where betrayal and heartache threaten to overtake her, forcing her to determine what she wants out of life.

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