Best Tablet Buying Guide

Best Tablet Buying Guide

A good Tablet Buying guide is necessary for you to make an informed choice, Tablets these days are a great substitute for laptops when you don’t need to do High-performance tasks, it’s wonderful for email, web browsing, during travel, binge-watching, etc. They offer the perfect choice for something between smartphones and cameras when looking at size and portability. Many people also use it for online gaming. But don’t get disheartened if you’re looking for some heavy tasks because there are some tablets focused on heavy users too. Our guide will let you know the different tablet features and benefits. 

Let’s look at the Tablet Buying Guide:

Size and Weight

Portability is the key when looking to buy a tablet, they are designed to be portable. Tablets come in 7-inch going up to 13-inch If you’re going to hold the tablet for a long time, you should look for light and small to mid-size tablets. Size and weight are key here along with durability.


Tablets come with many different screen types mainly IPS or OLED. You will find IPS on most tablets, OLED gives better viewing. You also have to consider brightness, resolution, etc. Brightness is key if you are going to use it during travel, higher the resolution better it is, 720p is the minimum you should look for.  

Battery Life

Battery life is not an easy thing to judge if you’re only looking at the specs advertised this is where helps Tablet Buying guide as different tasks consume different power and in turn battery. If you are looking to heavily play games or watch videos, you should look for tablets with high battery power, for web browsing and casual video watching most of the tablets out there will be good but look for the tablets with 8 hours of playback. 

Storage Space

Tablets generally come with low space storage, from 32 GB to 246 GB. If you are going to download HD movies or install lots of games 32GB or 64GB may not be enough. You should consider tablets with external storage or higher capacity model which are a little costly or look for cloud storage. At minimum for 64GB while 256GB is a luxury to have when buying a tablet.

Processor and RAM

The processor keeps everything running smoothly. Look for tablets with at least a 6-core CPU and powerful GPU, For iPad’s Apple A12 and higher processors are good for most tasks, except in heavy usage for their M1 processors aimed at heavy tasks. In android snapdragon 600 and higher series are good while snapdragon 888+ is their flagship which is rare to find in tablets. RAM is key for Multi-tasking, we would suggest going for at least 4GB of RAM.


Q. What to look for in a good tablet?

A good tablet should have at least 4GB of RAM with a 6-core CPU processor, Going for storage space 128GB will be enough if you stream movies, else for heavy use go for tablets with expandable storage, A 9-inch screen is comfortable to hold with full HD screen desirable in most cases.


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