Best Tips to Choose the Right Inverter for Your Home

Best Tips to Choose the Right Inverter for Your Home

We have seen power cuts in our homes since childhood. Waiting for the power to come, but now the time has changed. We are seeing inverters in every household. Before that, you may have an inverter. But want to change or buy for the first time. Here, we will provide you with the best tips to buy the right inverter for your home. You will find many types of inverters in the market, in which there will be a variety of models and brands. You have to choose the one that best suits your home or you are going to buy one for your office. Also, it should be economical for you.

Tips to Choose the Right Inverter for Your Home:

Inverter Capacity Calculator-

Inverter capacity is directly proportional to the total load you want to support. More clearly the total load is calculated, by the power load you want to support is divided by the power factor. Inverter capacity calculator likes this one. Its capacitance is always measured in Volt Ampere (VA). When you are going to check the inverter online or in the shop. You will see the inverter’s capacity along with VA (Volt Ampere). When you are going to buy, first check the power you are going to use, and then compare the power efficiency of the inverter.

Choosing between Sine wave inverter and Square wave inverter-

As we all know that inverters are DC to AC. Sine wave inverter can be costly as compared to square wave inverter. But it is long-lasting and with high power capability. Go for a sinewave inverter. But if you don’t want to invest much money, you have another option. Another type of inverter available is a modified sine wave inverter. Which is costlier than a square wave inverter but cheaper than a sine wave inverter.

Inverter vs UPS-

The basic difference between inverter and UPS is the time delay. Since the inverter continues to supply power. But the UPS doesn’t take even a minute and gives a power backup. If you are going to connect to your laptop with electricity, and at that time the power is cut. Your computer does not turn off. But if you are connected to UPS then it will take a minute pause and then back up the power cut.

Inverter vs Battery Capacity-

Batteries come in three types:

  1. Lead-acid batteries
  2. Tubular plate batteries
  3. Maintenance-free batteries

Make sure the battery you are choosing can save the power on the Inverter power capacity. If your battery capacity is very low, your inverter doesn’t work longer. choose the battery and battery’s capacity according to the Inverter capacity.

Best inverter brands-

Find the best selling and best brand of your inverter. Here, some of the best brands for Inverters, are Luminous, Microtek, Exide, APC, Sukam, and Exide. You can go for either of those, but most brands also have a combo pack of batteries with inverters. This is good if you are going to opt for a combo pack, so you don’t have to think about the battery capacity as compared to the inverter. If you already have a battery then choose Inverter AC. to battery power.

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