Buy a Used Study Table for Your Child and Sell it Once Your Child Grows Up

Buy a Used Study Table for Your Child and Sell it Once Your Child Grows Up

After reading this title, many questions might pop up in your mind like:

Why should I buy a study table? Where to look for study tables? What size should I buy? What is the most economical way?… and many more.

Let us try to answer these three questions and you might find an answer to your other questions as well.

Why Should You Buy a Study Table?

The cases of cervical spondylitis and other spine-related issues have increased among children. These issues occur due to bad posture. When your child studies on the bed or a sofa set, he/she has to bend the back in order to study or write.

This causes a strain on the spine and the neck area of the spine is affected the most. Prolonged bending of this kind not only causes temporary pain but also results in big problems related to the spinal cord. Whereas, a proper study table and chair make the child sit straighter. This is why a study table is a must for every child as it helps maintain a good posture from the very beginning.

Where to Look for Study Tables?

Where else? Just log on to the website of OVX India because you will hardly get a better choice. Visit our website through and search for “Study Table”. You will get a lot of options for a study table and you may choose the one that you like the most.

On our website, you will find used study tables at very low prices. Some tables will be as good as new because these tables are strong and they last for many years.

What Size Should I Buy?

The size of the study table matters a lot. If you buy a size that is smaller than your child, he/she will have to bend and a bigger size would mean that they will get tired due to straining their body. However, the problem with children is that they grow every year. This means that you will need a bigger study table every year. An adjustable study table could be a perfect solution to this problem.

What is the Most Economical Option?

The most economical option is purchasing a study table through OVX India and use it until your child grows too big for it. Once your child grows, sell it on OVX India and purchase a new one again. Continue this cycle and there are chances that you might be able to upgrade to bigger study tables and earn money too. For example:

Suppose you purchased a second-hand study table for Rs. 800 and sold it at Rs. 1,000 after one year. Now, you purchase another table for just Rs. 700. Can you guess the amount of money you have earned? You earned Rs. 500 in the whole transaction. You earned Rs. 200 as the profit of selling the old table and you purchased another table at just Rs. 700. So, you saved Rs. 300 more.

Now, let us suppose that you do not save anything at all. Even then you get to upgrade to a bigger table whenever you want without investing any money. Let us assume that you had to invest Rs. 100 to Rs. 200. It will not be a bad deal even in this scenario. It is a “win-win” situation from every aspect.

Think about it! Just a little bit of consciousness at this age will keep your child free from such big problems that could affect the performance and health of the child.

We hope that the answers have covered your other questions as well. You can also search for a chair and a table or a study table set. In case you purchase the chair and table separately, make sure that their alignment is correct.

So, what are you waiting for? Just log on to our website at and start your stress-free shopping experience today. Hundreds of irresistible deals are waiting for you.

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