Buying Guide: How to Buy Your First Drum Set

Buying Guide: How to Buy Your First Drum Set

Any band’s drummer is its beating heart, and he or she also has the most equipment of any member. The good news is that you don’t have to start out owning it all. We’ve outlined all you need to know, from the different types of kits to take into consideration for a beginner to the necessary gear needed to play the tunes that will keep your student engaged, because buying a drum kit for a beginning learner can be intimidating.

5 Things to Consider When Buying Your First Drum Set

What’s included in a Drum Set?

How many parts you need should be the first factor taken into account when purchasing a drum kit. Starting modest and keeping things simple may be the best course of action for beginning drummers, depending on your degree of experience and your financial situation. Most beginner drum sets are sold as 5-piece or 6-piece kits. The number of “pieces” refers to the number of core drums contained in the bundle. The great thing about drum kits is that you can start small with the basics and add onto your set with more fancy bells and whistles once you get into the groove.

What Size Drums Do You Need?

You could be better off buying your set in a specified size depending on your space restrictions and who will be playing the drums. The term “rock” sets is used to describe one of the most common sizes. These are a little bigger, but they provide a lovely, deep, balanced tone. Fusion and hybrid size sets are also becoming in popularity as a result of how little room they take up. A Junior set can be the best choice if you’re purchasing a kit for a young drummer. These are significantly more compact and smaller, making them ideal for aspiring young musicians.

Things to Consider when Buying Shell Sets

Some manufacturers also provide “shell sets” in addition to all-inclusive kits. These setups essentially only come with your drums and the holders. Cymbals and other accessories are not included in shell sets; you must buy them separately. If you buy a shell set, be sure to consider buying the following items as well: A hardware package including a high-hat stand A set of stands for a set of cymbals A bass pedal, a throne, a snare stand, and sticks If you want to fully personalise your kit with the necessary equipment and accessories, shell sets can be fantastic. However, an all-inclusive bundle can be more appropriate for your needs if you’re only looking for the essentials.

What’s Your Sound?

You definitely want the music to be able to connect with your spirit when purchasing your first kit. So that you can select the appropriate material to create that beat, it’s crucial to think about the sound you want to achieve. For instance, the sort of wood used to make an acoustic drum might affect how the instrument sounds. We’ve included a few of the most common woods’ qualities below. Stronger lows in maple produce bright, warm tones that reverberate. Birch: powerful high frequencies and punchy low-end. Perfect for dark colours. Low-end frequencies in mahogany are extremely rich. The sound will also be influenced by the size.

Additional Supplements

You’ll need a few essential add-ons in addition to the drum set itself if you want to be a content drummer. For instance, many kits don’t include drumsticks (we know, surprise!) Music stands, amps (if you have any electric drums), soft-bag cases for transporting your instruments, tonne rings, and dampening pads are additional useful tools. Visit this page’s accessories and hardware section for more useful additions.

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