5 Important Things To Check When Buying a Used Phone

5 Important Things To Check When Buying a Used Phone

Want to buy a used phone but isn’t sure about its condition, don’t worry about it there is no problem with buying a used phone, we will cover all the things you must check before buying a used phone and a used phone costs much less than a new phone and function almost equally better. There are many advantages of buying a used phone, The most obvious advantage is its affordability and you can re-sell it after using it for a while for a good price.

Let’s see the 5 most important things to check when buying a used phone:-

1. Ask for the Original Receipt

You should always ask for the original receipt before buying a used phone to make sure it isn’t stolen, or else you might land in trouble. If one refuses to give a receipt, don’t buy it, straight refuse it. Cross-check the IMEI no. on the box with the receipt. For additional safety, you can go to the store from where the seller bought it and confirm his purchase.

2. Check for any Physical Damage

It’s no surprise that smartphones usually fall sometimes. It might have reduced its lifespan, therefore check the device from every angle.
Make sure to remove any stickers and check if any dents or scratches are present or not. Most importantly when buying a used phone remove the tampered glass and look for any breaks or cracks on the screen.

3. Ask for Original Charger and Cable

We all know that the original charger that comes inbox is the best for that phone and has way better quality and speed. Always ask for the original charger of the used phone or you might have to spend extra money for those. If not then try to negotiate with the seller to reduce the price of the phone.

4. Remember to ask if the phone has undergone Repairs

If the used phone you wish to buy has undergone any repairs or replacement in the past, you can easily check the display for a replaced screen. Closely verify any repairs. We would suggest not to buy one which has undergone several repairs in past as it would not last long.

5. Test the Battery Life

It’s always a good idea to look at the battery percentage. Smartphone’s battery usually lasts 2 years in best quality after which it starts to degrade. These days battery replacement is almost not possible doing manually at home, you have to replace ongoing to the service center at that would cost some money. You should check by using the phone for 10-15 minutes and see if the battery is draining rapidly or not. If it is falling fast then try to negotiate and cover the price.

6. Check all Important Components

As soon as you get your hand on the phone check this important list. The rear and front camera, Volume button, Charging port, screen brightness, Speakers, and other sensors, make sure they are working perfectly.

7. Finally, check how Old is the Device

You should check when the phone was purchased. Seller often doesn’t tell this but you should ask, this is where the original receipt is so important. You can do this by dialing the IMEI number on your phone.

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