Do These 4 Yoga Daily to Increase Brain Power

Do These 4 Yoga Daily to Increase Brain Power

The brain, a group of soft tissues that weighs less than 1.5 kg, controls everything including your ability to talk, think, feel and even breathe. You need your brain to stay active for your body to function properly. Students, in particular, need a sharp mind to be able to learn new things and face tough exams. There are many ways to improve your memory and concentration. You can eat healthy food to keep your brain healthy or do exercise to increase memory. Yoga is another great option to increase your brainpower. As we age, the struggles we face to keep our bodies young, healthy, and fit also apply to our brains. The overall health and well-being of our brains require far more exercise, just as our bodies need to grow up. There are many yoga asanas, which are designed to enhance memory, improve our concentration and focus, and improve our overall cognition. As an added bonus, practicing these Yogas can prevent early-onset age-related brain disorders like Alzheimer’s.

1. Tratak Yoga

Tratak exercise comes first in brain exercise. While doing Tratak, we focus our attention on anything like a candle or any point on the wall. We stare at it for a long time without blinking an eye. One can do this process for 10 to 15 minutes or even longer. By doing this the memory becomes very fast.

2. Mantra Yoga

The second exercise of the brain is Mantra Yoga. In this, you have to chant some mantra. The best mantra for this is Gayatri Mantra. By chanting this, our memory increases very quickly. The command wheel also comes inside it. Om is chanted in the command wheel. If Om is pronounced repeatedly or the mark of Om is seen, then our memory increases very quickly.

3. Bhramari Pranayama

Bhramari Pranayama is very helpful in sharpening the brain. When we humm while inhaling or exhaling in it, it creates vibrations in the mind. It vibrates different types of circuits in the brain, which reduces memory loss and accelerates memory.

4. Shirshasan

The best posture to sharpen the brain is Shirshasan. By doing this, the supply of blood in our brain increases, due to which our brain cells become active. It protects us from short-term memory loss and increases the power of memory.

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