Do You Provide Wedding Invitation Cards? We Have Business for You

Do You Provide Wedding Invitation Cards? We Have Business for You

Inviting guests using wedding invitation cards is an old tradition that is followed throughout the world. However, making wedding invitation cards is a seasonal business in India. It is because the wedding dates are fixed only during specific periods of the year which are considered to be auspicious. Holding a wedding during any other time of the year is considered to be unlucky.

This means that the earning opportunities for the card makers are quite limited and the number of customers is also limited to the people who know about your shop. In addition to all these issues, the competition is always high and one needs to be highly updated with the trend as new designs and ideas related to invites come up almost every month.

People have even started sending utility items and sweet boxes as invitation cards. As if that was not enough to kill the business that the western countries have started the trend of e-invitations for weddings. Under this, they send a video message that also contains all the details regarding the wedding.

Amongst all these issues, we are presenting a perfect solution to help you get rid of all these problems. In this article, you will read how you can use a platform to increase your business. Let us begin!

Which Platform can Help Me Get More Clients?

There is no better platform than OVX India to help you get more clients in the easiest possible manner. OVX India is an online platform that allows its users to sell or buy products and services on the website for free. Yes, this platform is free and you need not spend even a single rupee for using it. With the help of our platform, you can get a lot more clients who need wedding invitation cards.

What Should I Do?

Log on to Our Website

The first and the most important step is to log on to our website at (it is obvious but, at least, you have the link to our website). Once you land on the website, start exploring to see how others are posting their gigs.

Create Your Account

Once you have seen a few gigs, step forward in your journey and create your account on our website. You can either use an email address or a mobile number to create an account. You can also add a profile picture to show that your account is genuine but it is an optional step.

Create a Perfect Listing

After completing registration, start creating your gig. Here are some of the tried and tested hacks that you can use to create a listing that makes the process faster and easier:

Real Images of Your Work

You must upload the original images of the sample invitation cards on OVX India instead of copying some pictures from the internet. This not only shows the users your true talent but also makes them trust you. Uploading real images means that a buyer will not even contact any other card maker if he/she likes your designs. Your work is your identity and you must use it. In addition, you can also upload pictures of your shop and all the machinery you use.

If you choose the alternative of uploading pictures from the internet, the buyer might not even contact you.


You should write a description in a manner that covers all the aspects of the services offered. This means that you must describe different designs, papers, prints, etc. used in the wedding invitation cards and how much do you charge for each one of them.

The Address and Contact Number

You must clearly mention your address and contact numbers. This helps the buyers reach you without any hassle or issues. While typing your address, make sure there are no spelling mistakes. Double-check all the contact numbers you are mentioning.

Stay Online and Respond

Make sure that you are online or you check our website once every hour. This helps you to grab more and more clients. Also, make sure you respond to each and every query you get by the buyers.

These are all the points that you must keep in mind if you wish to get more business than other card makers around you. What are you waiting for? Log on to our website at and list your card making services today.


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