Do You Require a Short Term Loan? Apply For an Online Loan and Get Instant Approval

Do You Require a Short Term Loan? Apply For an Online Loan and Get Instant Approval

There are times when we are faced with a shortage of funds. Under such conditions, we are unable to find anyone who can help us at that moment. We know all about crucial times and desperate needs. This is why OVX India has a special category which shows all the finance companies that could help during your need.

There are two specific ways in which you can apply for a loan. They are:

  • Offline Loan
  • Online Loan

Let us discuss both the ways in a brief manner:

Offline Loan

The offline loan method is the traditional way of availing a loan. There are many offline loan providers. Let us go through all the advantages and disadvantages of offline loan:


  • It is a well-known method. We know a lot of people who have availed loans through offline mediums. The inputs given by them increase our knowledge and we find it easy to follow their steps.
  • It seems more reliable because we know the office location and the staff very well.
  • Face to face conversation provides more confidence in their services. Also, this enables you to present your case more accurately.

(The method is old but it is not always reliable. Additionally, you may have seen the office and know the staff but that does not help you much.)


  • A lot of paperwork is required while applying for the loan.
  • One has to pay several visits to the company in order to avail of the loan.
  • The process is very lengthy and requires a lot of time. A few days are required to just get an approval, let alone disbursal of the amount.

Online Loan

The online loan method is a relatively new concept there are a lot of online companies that provide loans through their websites and mobile applications. Now, let us have a look at the advantages and disadvantages of the online loan:


  • An online loan is a hassle-free alternative to offline loans. You do not require submitting a lot of documents while applying for the loan.
  • You do not have to go anywhere throughout the process of the loan. You can easily complete each and every step while relaxing in the comfort of your home.
  • Online loans are much faster as compared to offline loans. Once you complete the application, you will get an approval within a few hours.


  • You might not always get a chance to have verbal communication.
  • Every online finance company is not trustworthy. There are a few companies who just try to dupe you. Be careful while applying for an online loan.

There are not many disadvantages of availing an online loan.

This is obvious that applying for an online loan is much easier and convenient than an offline loan. You can find a list of online finance companies on OVX India. All you have to do is to follow these steps:

  • Log on to our website at
  • Place your cursor in the ‘Search’ tool and type “Finance Companies”
  • A list of all the finance companies, listed with us, will appear on the screen.

Now comes the difficult part. You will have to scan all the companies thoroughly to make the best choice.

How to Choose the Best?

Choosing the best online finance company is not easy but it is a one-time task. It is because once a reliable company is found, you need not look again. You can follow the steps below to find a finance company that will provide a loan at your convenience:

  • Check all the available companies on our website by clicking on their gigs.
  • Read their descriptions in detail and also look at the pictures of their brochures, offices, etc.
  • Sort a few companies and contact them through the provided options.
  • Ask questions and discuss all their loans, interest rates, ‘terms and conditions’, etc in detail.
  • After a thorough discussion, choose the loan company that satisfies your needs in the best possible manner.

Once you have made an informed choice, you can apply for the loan. Completing the application process will require only a few minutes if you have all the basic documents. Most of the companies provide an ‘Approval Letter’ within 24 hours. The disbursal of the loan amount is done once the loan procedure is complete.

The number of online finance companies is increasing by each passing day. Our word of advice is to apply at one finance company at a time because every time your application is checked for approval, your Credit Score comes down. Do not apply to multiple finance companies at once. Sort some companies and then apply at the best one among them to keep your credit score intact.

We have covered all the basics. If you still have any doubts, do let us know. Hearing from you motivates us a lot.


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