The process of buying products on OVX India is quite simple. You will have to follow these basic steps in order to buy products on our website or mobile application:

  • 🏅 Log on to our website or app
  • 🏅 Create your account
  • 🏅 Locate the ‘Search’ tool, type the name of the product you are looking for, and press the ‘Enter’ key.
  • 🏅 A new page will appear with a list of all the sellers who are selling that product in your city. Navigate through the list.
  • 🏅 Visit every listing that you like and see their work. Look at the pictures closely to make sure that the product is in good condition.
  • 🏅 Sort a few that you like and contact their sellers.
  • 🏅 Discuss your demands and ask the price.
  • 🏅 Strike the deal with someone who is giving you the best product at reasonable prices.

After creating your profile through your email you need to verify your mobile number from your profile section.

👉 It is mandatory to verify for publishing your ads and for contacting buyers and sellers!

👉 For mobile verification, you need to add +91 before your mobile no for verifying it!

  • 👉 First of all, log on to our website at
  • 👉 Create your account by entering basic details like name, city, mobile number, etc.
  • 👉 Click on the ‘Post an Ad’ button and create your listing by entering all the information related to your product.
  • 👉 When you will post your ad, a lot of buyers will be able to see it. Chat with people who contact you and answer their queries.
  • 👉 Decide a place to meet with the buyer to exchange the product.

Yes, you can easily sell your services through our platform provided that you have the authority to sell those services.

Any product, the sale and purchase of, which is restricted or authorized by the Government of India could not be sold on OVX India. There are many such products like arms and ammunition, medicines, drugs, alcohol, bombs, fireworks, etc.

Yes, you can avail beauty services and all other services that are not banned by the law through the platform of OVX India.

OVX India is a user-friendly platform and we have made things simpler for our visitors. Creating an account on OVX India is like a child’s play. You can follow these steps to create an account:

  • 👉 Log on to OVX India through the website or mobile app
  • 👉 Click on the ‘Register’ button and a new page will appear with a form
  • 👉 Enter your name, contact number, email address, create a password, and click on the ‘Register’ button

These steps will create your account on OVX India. Simple, wasn’t it

You will have to log in to your account on our platform and then you will have to click on the ‘Account’ button. This will take you to your main account and will show you all the details that you need to know about your current ad.

For this, you will have to follow the procedure mentioned in the previous question. The process is the same because all your ads appear in the ‘Account’ section.

The only eligibility criterion to use the platform of OVX India is that the person should be equal to or above the age of 18. It is because minors (individuals below 18 years of age) must not be involved in the process of buying and selling used products. They can avail products or services through our platform if their parents are involved in the whole process.