Five Important Do’s Before You Sell Your Bike Online!

Five Important Do’s Before You Sell Your Bike Online!

Every bike owner despises having a smooth sail, but it is not that easy to find a potential buyer to sell your bike online. Also, popular consumer brands like OVX India, take it to the next level in the refurbishment process before selling every bike online. Here are a few simple Do’s that you might want to consider to sell your bike online quickly for a better price.

1. Do Clean Your Bike

Before the part where you sell your bike online, it is advised to clean up your bike. A clean bike will be much more appealing for potential buyers. A bike that is maintained regularly has a higher chance of getting sold. Then an unclean rusty bike lying amidst the junk in your garage.

2. Do Give Your Bike a New Fix

Understanding the small fixes that your bike needs and refurbishing it. Before you bring it out to sell your bike online. Help in getting the bike a better value. Checking used bikes for tyre flats, rusted mirrors, or anything else. Might save you a few extra bucks and will make a good appeal for the buyers.

3. Do Take as Much as Photos

Customers across multiple platforms often expect a lot of pictures and other information regarding every detail of the bike before buying them. Potential buyers also might require specific photographs which makes it even harder to sell your bike online. So it’s never too many photographs when you are taking a picture of your bike when you want to sell your bike online.

4. Do Find the Right Buyer

Finding a potential buyer to sell your bike online can definitely be a humongous task to achieve. Finding a perfect buyer will be on top of other pressing issues that will need to be addressed during the sale. This is why it is always an ideal option to sell your bike online to branded sellers who can help you sell your bikes online.

5. Do Tell About Any Faults in the Bike

It is also quite important to notify the buyer if there is any damage to the bike when you sell your bike online. This is better to give the customer an idea that you’re being honest than the faults being found later when checked by a mechanic making the sale a scam. It is also ethically the correct thing to tell the customer for any faults as it will help them to make an informed decision.

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