Forethought Of Buying A Smart TV? OVX India Can Guide You

Forethought Of Buying A Smart TV? OVX India Can Guide You

Buying a Smart TV can be exciting yet confusing. While you are seemingly excited to see large vibrant displays and sleek designs, the specification guide may leave you confused on whether should you buy it or not. TV jargons like 4K, HDR, OLED, and QLED can complicate matters further; making it difficult for you to understand which TV provides the versatile features for your budget.

To help you pick an ideal deal, here is a friendly guide that aims to provide you with the adequate knowledge you need to have before Buying a Smart TV.

A Commendable Screen Size & A Suitable Place

Before you jump down to what should be the screen size of your TV, first decide where you would like to place it? For instance, if you want your TV to sit on a study table, you know you need a small sized TV. You can also consider realigning your movable furniture and compare the TV stand versus wall-mounted configurations to find a sweet spot.

  • The Right Screen Size:

    As long as it fits in your budget, there is a theory that the larger screen provides an immersive viewing experience which is commendable if you have a good budget. The Aim should be to look for a bigger size and make the final call after calculating the proximity at which you would want to watch your TV. The correct TV size you need can be calculated using a formula given by SMPTE:

Screen Size = TV-to-Viewer Distance/1.6


An Equitable Screen Type

While the Plasma TV’s have become obsolete, LCD’s still provide some options. However, its LED’s that are all over the market since they offer user with much better viewing experience. Let’s discuss them briefly:

  • LED Display:

    These use, an array of LED’s (Light Emitting diode, a semiconductor) to light up the display. These may be in the form of a full array or in the form of LEDs placed along the edges of the screen.

  • OLED Display:

    Organic Light Emitting Diode screens consist of millions of OLEDs. Here, each OLED functions as an individual pixel. Since each pixel can be switched on or off individually, the contrast ratios are incredible. These sets are also extremely slim. These have better contrast ratio compared to best of LED’s.

  • QLED Display:

    The LED’s that uses Quantum Dots to give superior brightness and a better colour range is called a Quantum Dot LED(QLED).

Both OLED & QLED come at an equivalent pricing range. In terms of black levels & viewing angles, OLED wins, but in terms of providing superior brightness & colours, QLED trumps the former.

Superior Screen Resolution

Simply put, the higher the resolution of your set, the sharper and livelier the images will appear on the screen. On contrary, the lower the screen resolution, the lower will be the sharpness and details. The pictures will appear to be blurry and distorted. Let us discuss the different options available these days:

  • 4K UHD:

    It refers to a TV display that has a resolution of 3840×2160 pixels. In fact, these screens are four times sharper than the other Full HD variants. The best of 4K’s can redefine your viewing experience. The good news is that there is more UHD content available in the market, making this a viable investment.

  • Full HD:

    It refers to a TV display that has a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels. While they may be a fourfold downgrade when it comes to image crispness, Full HD sets aren’t a bad bargain after all. This is mainly because you need an easy access to UHD content to enjoy the latest features of a UHD TV. If this isn’t accessible, a FHD set will be the best option, and a more cost-effective solution.

  • HD:

    It refers to a TV display that has a resolution of 1280×720 pixels. Even the best HD TVs are in fact easy to afford and are best suited for standard definition content. Consider an HD TV if you’re looking for a budget TV.

How OVX India Can Help You Get Your Smart TV Delivered To You

We here at OVX India can help you with buying a Smart TV. Just Log on to OVX India, navigate to the Electronics/Appliance section under categories, search for a Smart TV, choose your location to go to the list of various vendors available in your vicinity.

Choose the vendor that best suits you as per your conveyance and get the deal done.

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