Guide to Buying Your First Bass Guitar

Guide to Buying Your First Bass Guitar

So you’re looking to buy a bass guitar. Congrats! Bass guitars are exciting to play and great instruments for beginners. And when it comes to searching for bass, there are many choices for good, entry-level models that won’t empty your wallet. From selecting different types and styles to figuring out which size to buy, this handy guide to buying your first bass guitar will have you rocking out in no time! When looking for your first bass, there are many things to consider. You want a solid, well-built bass guitar that will inspire you to play.

Here are a few things to look for:

1. What size is it?

The scale, or string length, will determine the size of the bass. Basses come in long and short scales; it’sit’s essential to match the size of the bass to the size of the bassist.

2. Does the bass stay in tune? 

Tuning issues are rare with basses compared to guitars; the larger strings tend to be more stable. Even so, it’sit’s an excellent idea to play for a bit and check your bass guitar tuning to see whether it’sit’s stable. Being in tune will make learning more accessible and more fun.

3. How’s the action?

 The action refers to how high the strings are about the neck’sneck’s fretboard. The increased activity makes playing more challenging. The strings will create an unpleasant buzzing sound if the action is too low. Generally, you want the step to be just high enough that the strings ring true, and you can quickly press the strings down.

4. Are the electronics in good condition?

For electric basses, ensure that you test the bass with an amplifier and that the volume and tone controls work to adjust the sound. Listen for any crackling sounds, which may indicate faulty electronics or loose internal wiring.

5. Are the frets level?

Check whether the frets are level and that the notes sound good up and down the neck on each string. Uneven frets can cause wrong notes on different parts of the neck. Run your hand up and down the neck; the frets should feel even and smooth.

6. How thick is the neck width?

As you look at basses, check the width of the guitar neck. Some bass guitars have wider necks than others, and a younger player could benefit from having a narrower neck that is slightly less difficult to navigate.

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