Heart-Healthy Breakfasts That Can Save Your Heart

Heart-Healthy Breakfasts That Can Save Your Heart

Breakfast is the most imp meal of the day, surprisingly people often ignore it, having Heart Healthy Breakfast can save your Heart. We know you are in hurry, and time is little. But you should know that Breakfast means to break the fast, as our body was without food for the last 7-8 hours post-dinner, it is important for us to fuel our body with healthy foods. Now you know why you often heard the phrase “Have breakfast like a king”. But eating junk or highly oily foods wouldn’t help your body, so would processed foods. You should have a balanced mix of healthy and tasty breakfast, so you can have it in the morning without getting bored. You should take care of your heart, no matter how busy you are. But just eating healthy foods will never work, unless you eat it in the proper time and quantity too. Healthy does not mean you have to give up your delicious foods, you can always make your foods healthy by adding the right ingredients. You need not worry, We will let you know the top heart-healthy Breakfast to prepare in the morning rush. 

Best Heart-Healthy breakfast foods  :


1. Delicious Spinach Pancake 

Do you remember, Popeye the sailor man, spinach lover??? Spinach or Palak in Hindi is one of the most healthy green leafy vegetables. It is rich in iron and calcium, it also contains lutein which helps in thickening the arteries walls, which will reduce heart diseases. Spinach pancake made with whole wheat flour (atta) is just what your healthy heart wants to start your day, add mushrooms too. Enjoy the Heart-Healthy Breakfast savory. Now you know the power behind our favorite Popeye !!

2. Nutritious Flax Seed Berry Smoothie


Don’t want to chew your breakfast in a hurry ??? We have for you a nutritious flax seed berry smoothie without sacrificing your nutrition needs. In case you don’t know, Flaxseed is one the best superfood you can have, it contains omega-3 fatty acid which helps lower bad fats which will aid in keeping heart-healthy. Flaxseed contains high fiber too. you can make a smoothie with milk, honey, bananas, strawberry, and almonds. Now you don’t need to blame time for unhealthy food intake. Go, grab a Nutritious Heart-healthy Breakfast.

3. Tasty Oats Idli


Oats are rich in Vitamin-B, Antioxidants, and fibers which help in lowering cholesterol levels. It’s is not just healthy but extremely delicious too and easy to prepare for the morning rush. So do not worry about leaving tasty foods. Prepare Idli batter at night and easily make tasty oats Idli for a Heart-Healthy breakfast.

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