Home Buying Myths Vs Reality

Home Buying Myths Vs Reality

May you also want to buy a home. Buying a home is the dream of everyone. Whether you are president of somewhere or living on rent. Buying any property is a big decision, as you are going to invest your savings and going to buy a home for yourself. Some people will advise you not to buy any property. But you should first clear all the myths vs reality of buying a home.

Myths Vs Reality of Buying a Home

You should go to reading the fact about buying the property. We will provide all the myths and facts about buying a property, check it out.

MYTH: The middle-class segment does not invest in second homes

There is a myth that the middle class won’t buy a second property or a second home. people having their ancestral property or who are rich can invest in a second property. It’s a myth of buying a second home for the rich one is they can buy an asset as it will give us rent for a lifetime.


If you are planning to buy a second this is the best decision, whether you are from a Middle-class family. If you have that much savings and you are willing to buy, that is a good investment for you. Which is the biggest investment for you. That will be an asset and pay you till the last. This is also a trend after the pandemic, role can save themselves in the future from that type of pandemic.

MYTH: Green homes are not popular among buyers

There is a belief among people that Green homes are that much popular in India. Green Homes are more popular in foreign countries. Because they cost higher, greenhouses’ costs are linked to greenery and designs. That is higher for middle-class families in India. And, they are popular among Indians.


Industry insiders feel this is not the case anymore. Chief Minister of sales says, that one of the greatest demands of homes is the greenery homes. Because that will be the cost lower than designed and not greenery homes. One of the greatest benefits of Greenery Homes is their lower maintenance charges in comparison to designed ones.

It’s cheaper to rent than own

You can find some of the truths here, but not all rumors are true, there are some myths also.

Before thinking to buy a home you should check what is beneficial for you. Renting a home or buying your own home. What is right for you? Where do you have to go?

It will cost you higher than buying a home.


Living on the rent can be costlier for you. You have to pay someone for years where the rent is increasing day-by-day. You can save that much money for buying  property which is much better than living on rent.

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