How do I Find Good Books to Read?

How do I Find Good Books to Read?

Do you love to read books but stuck with the fact that you don’t which one to read? You have already read your favorite book a thousand times, and you want to read something new but you don’t know what you want to read. It is very tough to make decision while purchasing a book or while you are at library to take one.

Tough decisions are hard to make and this situation goes same while buying a book. A book that befit your interest, a book that is understandable, that matches your emotions and much things are involved while buying a good book.

So here are some tips which you can follow that will help you to make a better decision while buying good books to read:

Make a list of books according to your interest

Which genre of books do you like? Science-fiction, adventure, mystery, non-fiction, fiction, realistic fiction?

Which authors do you like? Research books by authors you’ve enjoyed in the past. Chances are they’ll have another publication you’ll enjoy as well, and by searching by authors, you can find more books of the same type that the author has written.

Is there a book that you would like to try? If so, find the book and read its summary. This will help you decide whether the book is right for you.

Search your house

Sometimes good books may be quietly gathering dust in your own house. Maybe you forgot about one, or someone you live with has some good books. Plus, searching your home can help you find book you can read, and it won’t cost you money.

Ask someone to recommend a good book

You can ask your older brother, your mom, your dad, your best friend or even your English teacher. Friends or family you have in common with can often make excellent book recommendations. Local, small bookstores often have wonderful recommendations, and when they know you, it’s even better! You should ask people who like the style of the book they read so that you can match the book you have read.

Read book reviews

Read the bestseller lists published in most newspapers or weekly magazines. Find out which new books are making headlines, and why.

Research reading lists of your favorite authors

Chances are very good that you will like their advice. Make this list where you can see it so that you keep adding to this list over time. That way you can see which books you’ve already read, and which books you really want to read.

Join a book club

Being a book club member is often a way to experience new books you’ve never been tempted to read. Joining a book club or forming a book club helps you find out who else likes your kind of books, and allows you to read and discuss book that others have read. Get people who love to read books to join your book club.

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