How Do You Become a Fast Reader? | Tips To Read Faster

How Do You Become a Fast Reader? | Tips To Read Faster

Do you have a lot of paperwork up to your sleeves and you have to get that done? Is the deadline haunting you? Do you have a lot of reading to do in a short amount of time? Do you simply desire to read at a faster rate? Mainly because you want to upskill? Or, for work as discussed before? Well, worry not! We’ve got you covered! Here, we’ll discuss how can you become a fast reader?

It’s an important skill to have! So, what is there to wait for?

Let’s begin!

Tips To Become A Fast Reader

Inner Monologue

It’s an extremely common trait that can be seen among various readers. It is the process of speaking the words in your head as you read. It is one of the biggest difficulty that has to overcome if you want to become a fast reader. If you are hearing voices in your head while you speak, don’t be afraid. As long as it is your own voice, reading along with you, you’re fine. This is how we teach children, learn to read the word silently in your head.

When you are initially taught to read, you are taught to sound out everything and read aloud. This is how the habit originated, and most people still read it that way. However, this habit may affect you if you want to become a fast reader.

Since most people are in the habit of saying the words aloud in their head as they read, they tend to read around the same pace as they talk. This means, your reading speed will only increase so much if you continue to keep up that inner monologue. If you want to continue to increase your reading speed, you need to eliminate it.

Do Not Reread

If you watch an average person read, they tend to reread the previous word they’ve read. The human eyes tend to backtrace the words. This is also a major factor that prevents one to become a fast reader. However, it may sound childish but if you want to overcome backtracking, you can put your finger down on the page. This will bookmark your current reading position. You can use your finger to guide you further along as you read.

Keep your finger running back and forth across the page, without stopping or going back. Keep tracking the words as your finger continues to make its way down the text. When you get to the end, think about what you read. I sincerely hope you did not reread the previous words! 😀

How Can We Help?

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Become a fast reader, in simpler ways!

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